90 | Horror | Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare


Weirdo bookworms unite we want to share our love of genre Fiction with you some readers out there may look down for your love of horror sci-fi and fantasy, but not us. So stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. Hi genre junkies, it's Sandra. This is Scott and we have guess what a very special episode. I say that every show and it's like Sam's Club. They can't all be special. So tell the truth. No, this is our Halloween Spooktacular. We have for some crazy insane reason done a show every week on top of the other shows that we also do for the other for the quilt show. And for spooky slumber party. This is insane. It's been so much fun. It's wonderful. It's been lovely. I love it. My favorite song fun. But tonight is actually is actually a Halloween party because her joining us in the studio live or are my best schools from over at the spooky slumber party Kelly the scream Queen song. Play and over there. If you don't know, I noticed the little witch cuz I'm the reading one maybe other to read but you know, not as much well that go wrong things were having ass. It's so nice to be back. This is Emma's second. Go. This is Kelly third. Third time's a charm Kelly get it right this time just to using these girls are paused professionals. So cools just in case anybody doesn't know what do we do over at the spooky slumber party pack. Where is Buche podcast? We talk about horror and horror adjacent things with a ghoulish girlish feminist fun Edge to it. But all are welcome to the slumber party except for next. Some Gatekeepers. Yeah your invitation to the slumber party got lost in them. Oh, no, it's gone. So, yep. Seemed like a book. That was so much fun. Kelly actually got it on our radar and we talked about it over on spooky slumber party and I mean the social media and the internet has just blown up about this birth. Yeah, horror insta is all over all over this thing. So we thought this sounds like a fun retro book. I'm going to tell you I got way more than I bargained for a spoiler alert with this one song and that would be will say it on 3123 Cloud cornfield. I didn't realize we were saying that I am using what or anything but listen to more than I bargained for and it was and I thought you were saying what you bargained for and I was like, I we didn't talk about this. I don't know by unless you say the author Emma. Is this the writer's name is Adam Caesar? Thank you so much Adam doing this writing this darn book. Oh my gosh. So before we get into bed me tell everybody what this book is about clown in a cornfield by Adam Caesar When Quinn and her father moved to a tiny town with a weird clown for a mascot. They're looking for a fresh start off that ever since the town's only Factory shutdown. Kettle Springs has been cracked in half. Most of the Town believes that the kids are to blame after all the Juniors and seniors at Kettle Springs high are the ones who threw the party where Faith Hill's daughter died. They're the ones who set the abandoned Factory on fire and who spend all of their time posting pranks on YouTube. They have no respect and no idea what it means to work hard with the kids. It's the other way around and now Kettle Springs is caught in a constant battle between old and new tradition and progress It's a fight that looks like it will destroy the town until 1 homicidal Club. With a pork pie hat and a red nose decides to end it for good. We'll just leave it at that dump them. So we're going to just kind of go around the circle circle of trust and share just kind of our initial, you know in a nutshell thoughts. And yeah, I guess we should let our guests go first. Absolutely who's ready. I volunteer as tribute. Yeah. I love it first initial Vibes awesome fall book The cornfields it just gets you in the fall off food. I'm ready to go to Founders Festival, but one of my biggest takeaways is that it totally reminded me of reading Fear Street when I was a young I was totally getting fear street vibes, which I'm all about. Yeah, but like a little bit more gruesome than Fear Street could get although sometimes they could get pretty gory but wage.

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