Shouting the Worth of Every Person


No not always. Heather Avis knows the joy of having three adopted children and two of those have down syndrome. She's here on focus on the family to shout the worth of every life made in the image of God. Your host is focused president and author, Jim Daly and I'm John Fuller John It's so interesting how we naturally gravitate toward those who are like us look like us think like us it's pretty comfortable to be in that kind of community, but we can also get into a boxer pattern in our relationships and miss. Learning about how other people think in what their perspective is I know that Jesus did exactly that I mean he really did think differently than the fair season describes the religious leaders of the day so much so that it created incredible conflict our guest today Heather Avis has a lot to share about this idea broadening our horizons to love and accept others who tint to be marginalized in our society and she'll be helping us to see things a little differently as she shares her story and it's a pretty unique and Uplifting Story Heather has written about it. She has a new book called Scoot over and make room creating a space where everyone belongs and she in addition to being a writer, a Momma's speaker, a blogger and podcast. She's been here before and we're so glad to have her back. In fact, we're going to have a link to the previous conversation. We had about her adoptions on our website just look for the link in the episode Heather Welcome back to focus I think he's metro happening. It's great to have you back. I just mentioned that idea of accepting and loving the marginalized is something we talk about often here focus on the family, our own foster adoption program etc. Get engaged with foster care and wrap around care and all those wonderful things we can do to be engaged in culture. But give us the big picture of how God put this on your heart and what you wanted to accomplish by writing this great book which I loved the title by the way. Thank you think so i. I in a lot of the things I've done in my life I have fallen into them and it's been reactionary. It's been God doors stepping into them, which is my story with all three of my adoptions for my children, how my family came to be and. As my daughter got my oldest daughter. Her name is Mason and she's eleven and she. She came home as an infant she has down syndrome and as stepped into space as she got older, we stepped into dance classes. We stepped into churches we stuck into schools I quickly realized that who she is is not fully accepted. People don't understand her there. They don't know hers they can't understand her. They've never been around some down syndrome and I'm living life with her and I'm seeing an image of God in her that I don't see anyone else because she's uniquely who she is bearing the image of God with Down Syndrome. So over the years, it was wait a second. This is such a gift to my life. My understanding of humanity my understanding of God, my understanding of his love for humanity has changed. So drastically because I get to live with my kids and then stepping out of our front door and knowing that they're worth and value is not seen as the second step out my front door. Let me ask you a question that maybe summer or asking which would be for you and your husband Josh. What would compel you to adopt someone who struggles like that You know it wasn't the new normal box. You checked I'm sure in the adoption process you must have been. Okay. 'cause they ask know when you're seeking adoption, they'll ask you what? Difficulties are you willing to live with gene and I've done that through foster care? There's no normal box everybody because these kids are usually emotionally traumatized in some way in at least in the foster system, you get lots of. Behavioral issues but I think the question many would ask in our comfort in leisure culture. Why put yourself out? Why did you do this you Josh? Well and not to simplify it 'cause it's not simple at all but it really was God and that's the short answer.

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