Los Angeles Erupts As Dodgers Win First World Series Championship In 32 Years

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I WANNA zoom out here now on the dodgers as this franchise because this was their first championship in thirty two years and I was watching Dave Roberts and putting aside all of the Cova. Complications it was hard not to feel something for that guy and it was hard to feel something for this organization N. This fan base and this city. So what did you make of the dodgers finally getting over? This. Particular Hump, you know I think that Dave Roberts has been a guy who at times has been rightly maligned for his decision making but the decision making that will stick with me from this postseason has to do with two pitchers Clayton Kershaw in Julio. Arenas Dave Roberts twenty four hours before he won a world series championship got booed by a crowd that was almost entirely dodger fans at a neutral site stadium. It was a really weird thing. This guy who's got all these supposed demons and October's getting a standing ovation coming off the field. For for people who think he should have stayed in the game it was just a very bizarro situation and you know what I think Dave? Roberts. made the right move there. And people are always going to say process over outcome process over outcome raised died on that mantra and. Dave Roberts lived on it. He ended up going with Julio Arias for the last three innings of the clincher in the S. In the last three innings of the clincher in the world series he had Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen, his two rocks out in the bullpen ready and willing to go and he said now I'm a stick with a kid who's pitching. He stuck with the guy who looked good and that is one thing that Kevin cash did not do. And there's an argument to be made. That they lost the world series because of that. And then you look at Julio. Maria Standing There Austin Barnes catching that call third strike in grabbing the ball with his right hand and stuffing in his back pocket. That's history in his back pocket right there and the celebration that came afterward and all of the madness and weirdness and oddity of two thousand twenty being wrapped up in such a perfect though.

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