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When it comes to the battleground states, everything seems to be closing within a certain margin of error. If we look at the states right now, Biden is up only by about two points in Florida. He's up about five points in Pennsylvania is going to the real clear politics pulling average. He's up much larger in Michigan. He's only up about five in Wisconsin. He's about to in North Carolina is about three in Arizona. So if there's any movement in the polls for Trump Any solid movement in the polls toward Trump, then Biden is in real trouble. So Biden's goal here Was to call a lid on the campaign, and you can see it in real time by doing zoom calls, and his people are jumping in and being like, you know what? That's all the time we have. We'll catch you later. Joe Biden's campaign is just a leave me alone. Focus on Donald Trump campaign. See if that's effective. If the hunter Biden story begins to actually break Here is that Joe Biden staff on assume call, literally just calling a lit in the middle of the actual interview. We owe them a great deal. I'm worried about. I'm that's all the time we have for today. Can

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