Pennsylvania high court rules ballots with mismatched signatures can't be rejected


Couple of key rulings from Pennsylvania courts regarding mail in ballots and the election. KOW Suburban bureau chief Jim Millward has more on that Pennsylvania Supreme Court. His world counties cannot toss male in her absentee ballots based on signatures. Pennsylvania, secretary of State Democrat Kathy Book far asked the state Supreme Court to take up the issue. She'd previously instructed Candy's not to toss ballots based on signature, a request in federal court from the Trump campaign to block that instruction was tossed out. Earlier this month, Republicans argued book bars, rewriting existing law and changing guidelines for challenging the validity of a ballot. Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Court upheld it. Philadelphia judge's ruling that satellite voter services officers cannot be forced to allow in poll watchers the Trump campaign and appealed that decision. Arguing the judge was wrong in determining satellite offices. Air not polling locations, but Commonwealth Court upheld the lower court's ruling that satellite offices do not qualify as polling places. That ruling says polling places only operate on Election day employees that satellite offices only registered voters and process and collect mail in ballots, saying their duties or ministerial and not quasi judicial. Secretary book Bar says she understands the rulings may be confusing. But, she says all voters need to be concerned with is casting a ballot honor before November 3rd

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