Hospitals overwhelmed as U.S. sees record new COVID-19 cases


The coronavirus in this country fronton center in this election, the virus tonight pushing hospitals in some places in this country to the brink, the average of new cases. Now, approaching seventy thousand a day in the US that's the highest yet. And this graph tonight showing cases over time we're now at a third peak moving even higher Friday and Saturday set a record forty, eight hours more than one hundred, sixty, five, thousand new cases in those days alone. This evening more than two hundred, twenty, five, thousand lives have been lost El. Paso Texas with a record breaking number of cases extra beds now intense outside University Medical Center Utah fearing the patient load could lead to prioritizing who gets care I police in Albuquerque cracking down on mass gatherings as cases rise again in New Mexico and there is news tonight on that eighteen-year-old in Ohio College Freshman among the latest to die because of the virus. Here's ABC's Marcus for tonight. Tonight fears of colder weather and more time indoors fueling the spread of the virus. Now, a reality, the country marking the highest number of new cases in a forty eight hour period since pandemic began hospitals in. El. Paso Texas are at capacity medical teams scrambling to airlift critically ill patients to nearby cities and these search tents put to house the staggering influx of covid patients a fairness this. So we realized that this is the unexpected. This is something that we've not had to do before the city urging residents to stay home for two weeks to stop the spread. By next Wednesday we're going to need another two hundred plus. Hospital Rooms, Utah hospitals warning they could soon be forced to ration ICU beds and prioritize younger patients I did not see we were ever going to get to a point where we were going to deny people cater in the ICU age or how sick they are. If that's starting to happen already, we have many many weeks of this surge to go I. AM starting to get concerned that we may get into trouble hospitalizations, hitting records in sixteen states last week death. Now rising in twenty-seven, no corner of the country spared Ohio saw record number of cases over the weekend. But Ohio State football fans spotted crowding together without masks would. Psalm defined. Today officials begging the public to keep wearing masks even when they're uncomfortable. What else is uncomfortable? Being debated. Sheena. Loved one on a ventilator. Dr Anthony Fauci saying maybe a national mandate is needed if people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it and tonight in Illinois they are mourning the loss of college freshman. Michael. Lang. who was taking classes remotely the eighteen year old passing away after complications from the

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