The Attack on Floridas Latino Voters

Slate's If Then


Impossible to measure the exact amount of disinformation that's currently flooding. The social media feeds of Latino, people in Florida but experts describe it as an onslaught messages with false claims about Joe. Biden are flooding twitter facebook WHATSAPP and even Spanish language newspapers and radio stations. We've been monitoring them quite closely over the last couple of months. This is Eduardo Gomorrah a professor of politics and International Relations at Florida International University. Eduardo, and his team have been tracking the flow of disinformation into Florida's Hispanic communities. They want to know how this information is spread and intern how it might affect the vote. There's one clip in particular that keeps thinking about. Out, either go level that will be incorporated. That's a clip from actually dad radio. A popular station in the Miami area is the third most popular Spanish language station behind one of his yawn and the top Spanish music station. Eduardo says, the woman speaking is a regular on the Augustina Costa show a Spanish language talk radio program basically argues that the black lives matter movement is inspired by Black Magic where people are taking over houses, burning houses, and and harming people. Through. Getting up again doping associated. With a specific warning saying if you vote for Joe Biden this is exactly what's going to happen to you in the recording sort of ends with the woman saying. Don't blame us. We warned you that this would happen if Democrats were allowed to to win.

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