You can Only Choose for You


One of the hardest things to wrap your head around. At least i know this has always been something i've had issues with is that it is impossible to make choices for anyone other than yourself. One of the things that you have to keep in mind about this is that there is only one person inside any given person's head and that is themselves you are the only one in your head even as you listen to me speaking at you or to you depending on your perspective here you don't really have me in your head you're hearing me but it doesn't take much for you to be distracted by your own mind and go somewhere else and even if you weren't i may say things here that make you know. What are you talking about. So it doesn't really matter what you point out to people. You can't choose anything for anyone else even when you're working from a place of strength from fact and reason you can't make anyone else decide on the same choices that you do. A huge part of this is due to our ever popular friend fear. We live in fear based society now. I emphasize this a lot. Because it's something a lot of people don't fully comprehend. We live in a society where they sell you. Fear like they are feeding you a bottle as a baby. It is everywhere. It dominates everything we do. The problem with this is because of all this fear that we are sold and that we ingest it permeates our every fiber of our being and causes us to react to things in such a way that we become fearful due to the ideas. That change is scary. Which is something. A lot of people can't quite wrap their heads around changes scary. I mean let's face it things that you don't understand. That are coming awaken terrify. You and people don't know what to do with that. The thing of this is that fear leads to poor choices. One of the most upsetting results of the election which isn't done yet because they're still counting which is not a surprise to anybody but what is a bit of a surprise is just how close this race still is at least on the presidential side. I really really thought that more people would vote against trump largely because it is proven he is a liar. It is proven that he has done nothing to stem covid nineteen. It's right there. The evidence is there. This is somebody who is a hater. He supports hate groups. He encourages them to be hateful. And yet he actually received a greater percentage of voters a greater number of voters than he did in the last election. And i find that absolutely flabbergasting. How is it that so many people have no problem with dividing us further. How is it that so many people. Don't take umbrage at the systemic racism in our system and the empowerment of blatantly hypocritical leaders mcconnell one by an enormous margin and that man is the single biggest hypocrites on the planet. As far as i can tell one reason the primary reason for this is fear. Fear of change but more than the fear of change is the fear of suffering because more than anything. It's not the change itself that people are afraid of. It's the suffering that that change will cause and to emphasize that a lot of these leaders taken weaponize it and say oh well no. You're right to be afraid of that. Because if that guy winds it'll all be taken away from because there ain't enough for anybody so don't support that guy that guy wins your screwed and the thing that is ironically. Most of the time the truth is exactly the opposite. They're the one screwing you. They're basically raising their hand going. Look at me look at me. Look at me while their hand is in your back pocket taking from your wallet or sending your job to india or whatever other hard thing they're doing.

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