Pandemic's impact on the stock market

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Let's talk about Working from home. Do you think that the change in our work environment essentially a many of us working in our. Pj's from the house has had an impact on the way people approach investing right now the work from home phenomenon it was born of the pandemic and the pandemic was also the tipping point for investing for many people. And that's because this market crash actually created an opportunity that people had been waiting for for a very long time if you think about it. The ten years prior to the most recent crash had been nothing up in a way for the stock market and a lot of people were left out or felt like they were left out because they never jumped in and invested like i said so with the pandemic people being at home or also some of the technology innovations that have come about whether it's providing more information to customers Zero commission trades at brokerages or even just trading platforms. That are much more easy to use has made investing a lot easier for many people. Lindsey thanks so much for joining us. Thanks for your insight

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