Flood watch in effect for Broward, Miami-Dade after Eta sweeps past


Is gone. It's effects may be felt for a little bit longer down here, especially in Broward. Some roads are still flooded, including in Pembroke Pines were officials say, the streets My Not dry up until Sunday in in Fort Fort Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale, Lauderdale, Lauderdale, Melrose Melrose Melrose Melrose Melrose Park Park Park Park Park and and and and and Melrose Melrose Melrose Melrose Melrose Manners Manners Manners Manners Manners are are are are are still still still still still dealing dealing dealing dealing dealing with with with with with flooded flooded flooded flooded flooded streets streets streets streets streets and and and and and city city city city city officials officials officials officials officials now now now now now warning warning warning warning warning that that that that that they're they're they're they're they're trying trying trying trying trying to to to to to pump pump pump pump pump out out out out out all all all all all the the the the the water water water water water before before before before before the the the the the king king king king king tides get here in. Ah, Flood Watch is in effect until seven o'clock tonight and Broward and Miami Dade and speaking of those

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