Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery Service expands to 4,000-plus cities


Its service that lets drivers deliver packages in sight garages. Matt, how does it work? So you just have to have a garage door opener that can connect to a nap and ask PM's on prime members, but something they've gone through all of that, you know, they can sign up for for a delivery. The delivery driver code that pops open the door at the appointed time when they arrive, and, you know allegedly those. The driver places the item, you know, just inside the threshold door closes and they call good. This is sort of an expansion of the program that they launched a couple years ago. Amazon key That's right. And originally it was based on in house delivery. Right? They do the same kind of rigmarole before smart door locks. You know that one kind of turned some people off to the idea of letting someone directly in the House Amazons making a bet here that People are getting more comfortable with with garage entry in your front door, and then with the ups drivers also have the same access. They won't not as part of this pilot. This is limited sort of Amazon delivery contractors that they it's not direct employees, but they have more direct control than that Amazon does with with other full collect ups and FedEx. See, that seems to be the rub. Because with the Amazon drivers, they're all different people all the time. I mean, you never know who's coming. U. P s driver tends to be the regular guy on your route. That's right. And then Amazon has has really created a bit of a wild West. With all the growth they've seen in their own delivery network. You know, they started plenty of firms and encouraging their little delivery start ups all over the country, so it's definitely a little bit of It'll be chaos right there. Yeah, come. Customers know they don't always wear uniforms. So you don't really know. You know, the pullup like it in a Chevy with no uniform on and come to the door with this stuff. I mean, I wonder how comfortable people will be letting what looks like perfect strangers into the garage. It's my understand that this program is exclusively people who are are in the Amazon vehicle wearing an Amazon best write the part of that standardization they worked on in recent years. But I think you're exactly right that consumers have raised concerns about particularly the sort of Contractor quality recently as they've expended their own services. What about that camp indoor camera that they had some people used to, you know, so you could see the person coming into your home. Yeah, they're still technically selling that And there it was subsidiary called Ring. That was the whole bunch of security cameras and they've got more, but they're always rolling out. I think that was definitely maybe a warning sign or an asterisk. One day. Lots of service initially was no. If you've got a pair it with the camera to make sure you know everybody's behaving properly then it might not be. Yeah, might not be too reassuring for customers. Okay, So have they started this garage? Think already. You don't have it with live in 50 cities Originally. Now it's expanding 4000, Amazon says. So clearly they liked what they saw in those those first test beds, and now we're ready to take it nationally across the US and doesn't do any of the test sites include the Bay Area. You do? Yeah, I think actually, the San Francisco that was in the initial market that they started with, but I'm not positive. Okay, thanks for

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