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And we're talking about what else? The news that there's a new president elect and a new vice president elect, at least according to the media. The White House. The Trump Administration is preparing legal action. To say that? No, it's too soon to say there's a new president and a new vice president. There's a lot of irregularities in the voting process in several states. And they're vowing legal action to try to get to the bottom. If all this were talking about that with you right now, if I have 1283605 90, you can give us a call person is the text. Texas came in, and he is a blatant statistical possible event. Abide one. A recount must Be done. And here's Leonard in South Austin on Kale. BJ. Hello, Leonard. Hi, Kenny. Harry today. Great. Thank you. Great Hamlet expand a little bit when you're talking

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