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Human Rights Council. Everybody gets like a year or two, and then they cycle out more countries. Different countries are elected. Right now. China is actively engaged in slavery. They're actively engaged in concentration camps of the weaker Muslims in western China. The whole world is not watching. They don't care. The MBA, you know, Remember, they got into trouble because people were pressuring them to condemn the clamp down on pro freedom forces in Hong Kong. China, not keeping its word in Hong Kong, the whole country, the Communist Party, communism is evil. So when the U. N Human Rights Council had a meeting yesterday The Chinese delegate to the U. N Human Rights Council. Got a chance to speak. Now you're going to hear the voice of an interpreter. But the UN's the Chinese representative to the Human Rights Council is speaking. Maybe hear a little bit of the Chinese underneath it. It's about 56 seconds long. Everybody gets their opening minutes statement, and this guy decided to weigh in. On what the United States needs to do the Human Rights Council very concerned about human rights, not in China, but elsewhere course it's just been weaponized against the United States because that's what Everything The left does is and I want you to listen closely. To the Chinese representative of the U. N Human Rights Council and tell me if you can spot the difference.

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