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Let's get into it Gentlemen welcome back to the g. g. over easy podcast episode. Sixty one i think. Yup we've finally got here. We're really close to sixty nine little bit of a break. I think we all need it. I think we'll stop is sixty nine actually downhill from there a sixty one percent of the counselor in got maricopa county right over here. This the That's that's literally. All i've been saying brother have always been like talking to scenario miracle county right here. Report is so punk account. He's going to be like we got maricopa county here now if we go back and we can see hillary hillary ones but then we go back two thousand eighteen c republicans versus democrats and this county. You up and this is a big. This is a big one because zoom out here water here but the votes are still coming in. These are traditionally blues. We go two thousand twelve. Rock obama have by three percent. But you come out and right now projector. I don't know how he does. He slept like six hours for like five days. Where you've gone and that. I didn't understand it's like you're saying the same thing over and over and over again which is kind of skewed a little bit differently. Well it's like the if you if you weren't here just so you know last room. We know who they support. That's what you get for having a sideways desk. That's what she there. You go mr fruit. Wait for the audio listeners. Mr fruits microphone just pulled. Rob microphone just fell. He was like. Don't talk about politics. We were we were well we have. We were given these desks. They're standing desks. And i talked to the people about so i can tell they they had at the end of the what you may call it at. The end of the table had has outer part sliding downwards so. It's like slides like that so if you have any desks clamps it's like a. There's a gap in between the clamp and the bottle sold. The thing never has a good sturdy grip. So i emailed the thing i was like. I can't have my mic sand or anything about falling over every two hours and so. They sent me a new desk that they like. Because i remember they sent me an email. It was like how do you like your desk and then in parentheses and if it was like if you have a problem with the curved edges we know about. It will send you news desk so i was like. Oh well there you go down the same desk and confident. He has the one that currently holds my playstation my ears. Yes he would have the one. That i just don't understand because then like when you clampitt. It has just a gap like in there. So it's just the stupidest thing ever. I was very infuriated. Email though i was like the dumbest thing ever like okay. We'll send you a new one so granted. I had to take the lags the old one and put it on a new one and then say i still need new legs in a cellular phone fucking thing but i recommend this far does that i currently have. I do not want recommend the one. Mr fruit has got uplift. So is that a standing desk Yeah do you find yourself using anti a lot. I was gonna say. I like was like i'm going to stand. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna make a difference. I've never i never. It's a cool concept. And i really like it i mostly. I love this dads. Don't get me wrong against the best around. Just because i like just the surface area and just The flatness it's very nice. In the desk texture is very enjoyable. I've got. I've gotten used to just damn i would sit up in a while. I walk around for ten minutes all right back to the computer. Well i think the problem with the standing desk is like i'm with to especially the figure out the cable management to have a desk and two. Pc's into where the cable management works when you have adt standing height and then also still works and looks good when it's just is impossible. I only have one. Pc set up. So my i could. I could be using my standing desk whenever. Because i have my pc mounted under my table. I still don't her. They like they gave you a kit to like. Put your pc underneath a house too scared. Yeah i mean. I was scared of i two but surprisingly pretty nice but now that i'm just thinking about it it's like i could have just done this with a probably sturdier wooden desk so i spend a lot of money on something that now that i'm thinking about it kind of feels like a trend. I don't know how long standing desk thing because like just go walk around. It'll be okay. you're going to get through it. Yeah not not a big guy. What about you vertical Slide guy Well i used to use one quite a bit. would always use the stain feature but then Now mounted on the wall. Oh all all saying like own can't lift like visit. I can't i. Can't this very desk not have like Like mounts on your table like do they offer that With the last one to like with my monitors in the weight and stuff it doesn't really work and then on top that already have it all set up selene. That's when i get my standing order missteps hard gaming it standing. It's it's really bad at it. Like i'm like what fox is just the weirdest thing ever. So yeah we opened up with politics. You know we never do. And that's why mike dropped his like. This is part of the show when you guys doing. I just thought distinction. I've literally just been saying maricopa county just every to say. Now i will say you may or may not here in my voice. This is my first podcasts. With the splint in my mouth the i'm getting better at it but there's still sometimes you can kind of come out little list. I think you can hear. I don't think certainly can't get here to be honest. When i see like i see like a a thing on the back front of your yet. Okay this clear. So it's hard to see see that looks medalist. Fuck the because it's like we're retired. You get split and you could just be like i got in a bar. Brawl salty splatoon getting used to so right now. this is like the hold as it's waved. I bite down now. I have a new by

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