'She never answered the question': VP candidates' debate sidestep


I'm John Aaron. And I'm Joan Joe's Teddy Gilman is our producer and a hand running mates in the presidential election clash in their loan debate. We have team coverage. President Trump calls testing positive for the Corona virus, a blessing from God. A sign of the Times officer sees counterfeit masks and test kits at our ports. I'm making clarity. It's 7 32. CBS News Special Report, Senator Kamala Harris getting tough on the virus that has claimed the lives of more than 210,000 Americans. At last night's debate. They knew what was happening and they didn't tell you The president said it was a hoax. Well, the President Trump has also as well received the Corona virus as more more than two of 20 people in his inner circle have also tested positive. Vice President Mike Pence defended the administration's response. President Trump's leadership operation Warp speed we believe will have literally tens of millions of doses of the vaccine before the end of this year. Another topic of discussion. The Supreme Court nomination, she gets a fair hearing. We particularly hope that we don't see the kind of attacks on her. Christian faith that we saw before let the American people fill that seat in the White House. And then we'll fill that seat on the United States Supreme Court. Nominations for Amy Cockney Barrel begin next week. CBS News Special Report 7 33 and the candidates also do plenty of dodging last night. W. GOP's Capitol Hill correspondent Mitchell Miller has more this debate was much better and more civil than the first presidential debate. But the two candidates also worked hard not to answer some of the most pointed questions. Vice president. Pence sidestepped the question related to the so called Super spreader event at the White House, and Senator Harris didn't answer when Pence asked her if Joe Biden would try to pack the Supreme Court if he's elected, neither candidate did anything major to hurt their respective campaigns. And while it was a solid debate, it's not likely it will change many voters minds and we're hearing your thoughts. On last night's debate. Frederick of Northwest D. C, called into the TalkBack line and said he was impressed with Senator Kamala Harris was more civil side scored. Good points, but I think Senator Harris, her passion and her convictions were a little more clearly stated, and I was especially impressed by her interest in moving our country forward in a new direction. Now Janet from Gaithersburg shared her disappointment that neither candidate answered questions head on. I thought that the debate was like a jeopardy show. Where the debaters gave their answers. And then Susan Page was supposed to come up with the question that match it because they certainly didn't answer the questions that she and come in problem in the debates, So we want to hear your thoughts as well. Give us a call at 8442821035. The next presidential debate is scheduled for a week from today in Miami. Still to come, President Trump offers an update on his health. It's 7 30 for our American aerospace and

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