Houston Texans Fire Bill O'Brien as Head Coach

Cincy Jungle


Texans owner cal McNair has fired bill. O'Brien as coach in GM as of Monday afternoon the. HOUSTON, Texans are on a winless start to the season and. There have been some really questionable trades and other. Moves that Bill O'Brien has made or not made to improve this football team. I think unfortunately, the McNair family who owns the the Houston Texans I think they're seeing a window that is remaining open for a championship as you have to Shawn Watson a very exciting quarterback and you know you've invested on the offensive line, but you got rid of his best weapon in De'andre Hopkins and. Shed some other players Bill Brian is ruffled feathers of players in the past. If. You remember seeing this team on. or seeing Bill O'Brien on hard knocks. He's got kind of a mouth on him and you know it. It fires people up for sure but it also can work against him. Rub some people the wrong way and you know I think it was time for the at least the Texans felt it was time for them to move on but that's that's two vacancies in one their. Head coach and GM. more details to emerge there but that look I mean we can criticize the Bengals in what they've done. Really. Houston's been pretty successful. They've made a lot of at a lot of playoff appearances and they beat the Bengals a couple of times in the playoffs in the Andy Dalton era. So I understand that there's a little bit of envy there but for right now and how They hit what some of the moves they have made of late is really got to be called into question and. You know. Bill Brian now because of those controversial decisions is now out of a job,

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