Steel. The one in my head is not right.


Is not right. That is Salt lakes into my head That was trying to think about it. I guess I can't say things out loud, but you can't Trying to think about my course Racing. Goodwin. Yeah. Ah! Yeah. No, I would never have gotten that that I have done some gambling and I need to clarify something. There is one city on here. That's not in the United States. Well, come on, Tony. Better than you know, down the list, and I just remembered Paris isn't in the United There is one city. That's not you have then you os you have you owe us one Is it in North America you have things to do. I'm going to throw that off the list. Oh, So now it's the only one I've got. All right. Well, what is it? Monaco. Give you a yes is because of them because of the message May I do for you guys? But it's Dave. It's just made is the dumb one. Two cities left. Two strikes. Five seconds. I'm never playing came two seconds. I need an answer. Portugal. Right, ladies, We got a chance to steal. There's two cities left other than Vegas name a city known for gambling. And I was also thinking, Where's the Kentucky Derby? Yeah, I bet that's

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