Be Grateful for Whats Happened to You


So i one hundred percent understand that. Thank you for our life for our health for our family. Those things are wonderful and those things are absolutely things that we should be thankful for. But i think that sometimes what we do that we're actually passing over a far greater to see gratitude thankfulness in our lives so writing a book super excited that a first edition is going to be released Here pretty soon and It is titled waking up to who i am. And i thought many of you know the story that it was really going to be a centered around that tragedy that i experienced in las vegas losing a friend and being a part of it but was so fascinating was was that as i was being interviewed for the book to start coming up with content to start outlining and riding. It went much farther back than that. A lot of people don't know some of the things that are gonna come out in this book that in some ways a really ashamed that people are gonna find out about me but you know things like you know. My parents divorced and six years old and i got cheated on my mom. He laughed. He was a total asshole to my mom. He spoke ill about my mom in front of us all the time. But i looked to my doubt so much during that time that i didn't see him for who he really was. I also didn't really recognize what that did to me is a human being how that was going to negatively impact later on so instead of growing up in learning from matt. I put a hymie. I didn't take time to understand it. And some of that was just being young but other parts of it was just trying to push it past me so when i had the opportunity to get married to have a child i almost threw my marriage away almost cheating on my wife. I didn't take an opportunity. Learn through the most one of the most difficult times in my life. And i could go on and on about all of the ways in which i passed over opportunities to learn grow because i just wanted to get past the difficult season of my life. We now all sit in one of those we sit in probably now when you're inserting and everybody's personal stories. We now sit in one of the most difficult times we will probably ever faced in our lifetime. I pray to god. This is the most difficult and it never gets any worse than this but i would say to you my question and this is gonna be a big challenge is i close is kim. You specifically be thankful for twenty twenty can specifically be thankful for the year of the pandemic. Can you be thankful for the year of the greatest political and social divide. We have ever been alive for maybe at this world has ever seen apart from the founding days of our country chanu express gratitude for those things not that you endured it and you got over it but that you actually went through it ryan holiday. I'm a huge fan of his one of the books. Rights obstacle is the way he talks all about the fact that were always trying to avoid the obstacles to go around them to go underneath them to go over them one of his small little quotes in there. He says we choose the stories we tell ourselves. What story are you going to tell yourself about. Twenty twenty are you gonna tell yourself that you pull up your boot straps that you did everything you could and you just made it to the end and i know in. Please please understand that empathize with some of you. That that's all you're going to be able to sack. And i thank god for that for the majority of us. There is something far greater that we are going to be able to say as the result of us experiencing the year that we've had professionally and personally. I mean the greatest tragedy that i've ever experienced in my life was watching fred. Be shot and killed right next to me. And while you've probably heard me say before that i would do anything in my life apart from sacrificing my own wife and kids to bring her back and for that event to never happen. I am one hundred percent. Certain that i'm a better person because of what happened to me. And because of what happened to her in business this year. I lost six figures in business. I am thankful for that because it caused me to write my book. It caused me to lean harder into coaching the people that i want to coach. It caused me to start turning away from and saying no from things that i did not want to do anymore. My hand had to be forced. It took a pandemic. It took me being broken hearted over watching the way people are treating each other in a daylight today to realize that. I don't want to be one of those people and so again my challenge to you all is can you. Will you be thankful four. What twenty twenty has done to you. As hard as it's been do not just get through it. Find joy in the midst of it. Learn from it be encouraged by. I guarantee you. You will be

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