Theo Epstein Resigns From Cubs, Ending 9-Year Tenure In Chicago



Theo epstein the most accomplished general manager in baseball one who guided the red sox and the cubs world championships after eighty six years. And one hundred. Eight years of droughts is leaving the cubs epstein had hinted this for awhile and came as no surprise to clubs owner. Tom ricketts epstein ran the cubs for nine years and made the cubs at sustained contender making the playoffs. Five times epsteins red sox were perennial contenders of well. There is of course immediate speculation that epstein could end up with the mets or the phillies would have seen is telling friends and associates intends to spend this coming season working with nonprofits baseball team. F seen said quote. I do plan on having a third chapter leading a baseball visitation. Someday the why do not expect it to be next year unquote.

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