Pentagon drawing down troops in Afghanistan


You know you and i both talked many times about the fact that we think it's long pastime for the us to be out of afghanistan but there are also these ongoing peace talks between an afghan group in the taliban. And i guess the question is would a fast withdrawal of twenty five hundred troops or so make it harder would lead to a hasty nato withdrawal Because i think there's like seven thousand nato forces there but they basically rely on the us military for logistics and often protection with lead the chaos. You could see a redux of obama in iraq and what two thousand fourteen end up sending troops back in to your point about how to make it harder for biden. This could be part of that. Yeah we've talked about the peace talks right that are going on between the afghan government. The taliban of the united pretty pessimistic about those. But this again drawing twenty five hundred troops out taking all out right again. Wh why is it so important. To trump have twenty five hundred instead of forty five hundred in an action that is not coordinated with any of those nato allies it is not coordinated with the afghan government. That is not factored into the peace negotiations. It just something that he is doing. Through like a handful of devon nunez apparatchiks the pentagon in the last minutes of his administration. He had four years to get this done if he wanted to get troops out of afghanistan or gada rock or out of somalia. Why is he doing this now. Why hasn't been working on this for these four years and people will hear me and say well what you want to keep all these troops these places no but the question is. How do you remove troops. How do you end wars and you do it by assessing. What are we doing in this country. What our missions. What security forces are relieving this too and what is the political and diplomatic context for what we're

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