Flipping the Stress Switch


Hi i'm jeff. So when i was a little kid when i get stressed out about something my mum would sit me down and go. Yeah but honey think about all the people having problems in other parts of the world. It made me feel both wes alone. And my problems were more manageable. So this meditation is dedicated to the wisdom of my mom. It's about getting perspective around stress. I by changing how we experience stress in our bodies and then by seeing if we can connect it to a larger perspective. So let's go the is can be open or closed. We start by taking a few deep breaths so here stretching on the inhale and then on the sale that's kind of downward motion the the relaxing softening so nice long out breath as you do. This just imagine you can breathe out any tension. The belly softens the shoulders. Relax okay good so this. First part of the practice is about exploring how we experience stress in our own body mines so notice where you're experiencing stress right now. How do you know your stress. What are the telltale signs in your body. How is stress coming up for you right now to a little survey so now we're going to do this move. We're going to try to do this. One eighty turn here and try to reframe the way we experience this. We call all this stress but really that's just a word. It's an idea before any idea stress. There's just sensations. The question is can you begin to experience. What was once stress has just different. Sensations happening in flowing sensations connected to other sensations. Saw them slowly changing. You're like oh weather pattern. So seeing if we can experience ourselves ads this swirling pattern of sensations. Obviously our problems are real but we also have the capacity to put them in perspective to see them as part of this larger story. Okay relaxing here. Just chill out here on our cosmic stoop. Nice long exhale just being in your body when you're ready can open your eyes if they were closed and notice how you feel now versus when you began

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