Without Adversity, There is No Triumph: A Conversation with Louis Theroux

Blazing Trails


In me i think i went in there to try and be a m a writer or a researcher for him and instead he ended up putting me on tv as a presenter and i think what it was was some quality of openness. Some kind of all those things that you would think would disqualify you from being a tv host or tv. Presenter i think he sold his assets and i think in the end that ended up being my meal ticket. Because i can't really be much other than myself in the more i think about what i do a kind of me so i think having being open to experiences looking for real connections with people trying to just get along and then make jokes. If things aren't going. Well just try and bond with people through huma but also maintaining if i may say so a certain journalistic focus all of that i think can create a powerful piece of television or a powerful conversation. Yeah well it's fascinating to watch. Because i think what do you do in that process is really peel back the layers of people and get to the nub of who they are and what's important to them so it works well. Let's noise to here. And just to say i really did come into by accident. I originally thought that maybe the funniest will the best bits of television. I could make. This is way back. Because i was twenty three when i started the just go in the first segment. Michael sent me on westbound people. Think the end of the world is about to happen. Apocalyptic sects and i thought. Well i'll go in there and these will become slightly kooky weird guys. In many of the words something. There was a ufo fleet woodland in two thousand and one another thought that jesus was coming back later in that year one thousand nine hundred ninety four and were preparing for that and i thought the secret will be on me asking silly questions and getting them to take me seriously. I suppose it was before. The era of people like sasha. Baron cohen borat. I suppose i was aspiring to do something light and later when i looked actually the material it worked was when i showed more vulnerable -bility where i was sort of on the back foot and different ways showing something of myself. So you mentioned vulnerability. And i think maybe it's quality of being slightly vulnerable in acknowledging those parts of you that a frail or human and creating a connection through that the connection. So you better than you might think better than may being slick you know in having a great wardrobe and arriving in a helicopter. 'cause looking at some of your early work. Did you consciously know that that was what you are doing. Because i think is you've developed a pays now even more so but that's something that you've set out to do to be vulnerable very much. Not i hoped. I might get away with being swamped sort of conventional tv presence and it was only later that i realized that wasn't who i could ever be nor was it who i should be. Sometimes i worry that have become too competent. Like sometimes i worry that actually after twenty five years i've acquired the basic skills of being more or less normal tv interviewer. Tv correspondent and that may be of lost some of that ineffable naive magic you know of sorts of stumbling through. I'm a comfortable middle aged man now. But i don't want to lose my hungry edge. So it's a bit of a paradox. You know was like pulp groups who do have couple of amazing albums and then they sort of fizzle out become a bit boring. A think of endangered being in my boring face. Feel free to disagree. I strongly disagree. But how do you keep your edge. Where do you find your inspiration from. I think in the end. It's about keeping yourself interested and not settling into anything. That's too comfortable. And i think at the point where i felt like i was getting a little too comfortable or just needed fresh postures. I would move onto something else. I think it's pride is was a sense of professional prize thinking that being on. Tv's huge privilege that you have teams who work around to support you to make you look good.

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