Julian Assange will learn on January 4 whether he will be sent to US


Let's get a julian assange update here because yeah we haven't talked to this new but i'm pretty sure they did rule here not that long ago. let's see muller investigated julian assange assange lawyer says trump offered a deal to avoid extradition. That was a month ago four days ago. Rt reports prison friend of julian assange commit suicide to avoid deportation and six days ago Media silence on assange aids trump. So not a whole lot as far as breaking news. I guess look. The daily mail reported a week ago. Julian assange learns. Us extradition fate over hacking on january fourth so that the next big day is going to be january fourth where he will be. According to this report he will find out whether he will be extradited to the united states to face charges. That could see him for one. Hundred and seventy five years. He's facing eight forty nine years old now. He spent last decade of his life. You know basically behind bars he was in the ecuadorian embassy for six or seven years or something house a longtime faces eighteen charges including a plot to hack computers and conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defense information. He is said to have plotted with defense analyst chelsea manning more reasonably to expose war crimes by the government correct and it wasn't he who hacked any computers. He was simply helping chelsea manning crack password and i mean calling it calling crack s. I find it kinda humorous views. It was like it was basically just like a hash or something like that of of Something or other. And i don't know it was it was it was it was too well. No i know but it was. It was such a week. It's so weak to call at cracking I'm sorry but like okay. Maybe maybe fine. Maybe it was technically somehow illegal. But i just how can it be illegal. If he's not based in the united states. Well the thing is right back to this whole thing where they didn't. He didn't actually attack a server with like random passwords chelsea. Got the file and send it to him right right and so he basically looked up. It was like looking up the password based on hash or something like that. He helped chelsea with whatever she tells. Find out what the what the password would be based on the hash or something like that. Issue was not in within the so posad geographic land mass of the united states at the time he did not breach any security. No within the united states government. But yet it's like. Harvard is like conspiracy to assist hacking or something like that. It was so ridiculous. Yeah he's such a stretch to say that he did you know Nature conspiracy to obtain and disclosed national defense information and a hacking charge of some sort or blacking. Charges mockery with intent to gawk district. Judge vanessa. Bharat sir has reserved judgment. Her hearing dozens of witnesses called by assange legal team in a bid to persuade her to block his extradition appearing via video link from the belmarsh prison assange spoke to confirm his name and date of birth edward fitzgerald. the attorney for asana said quote. This is just a caller over. We're in contact with judge. Berate sir about the timetable. I think she's dealing with that. On behalf of mr assange. There are no submission. so they don't have anything to say at this point they've made their argument and the final judgment come down in just under two months time on january fourth. So that's where we're at

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