Court hearing for accused Philadelphia cop killers is delayed when a defense lawyer goes into labor


With the murder of Philadelphia Swan Sergeant James O'Connor went into labor in the courtroom. And so final arguments in the preliminary hearing have been delayed Our crime injustice. Reporter Kristin Joe Hansen has the story as prosecutors are wrapping testimony with the detective, A pregnant defense attorney began to shake her water than breaking in the courtroom. Judge James De Leon called it life in the works and postpones final arguments for the case to the middle of November. Sergeant James O'Connor was shot and killed in March while serving an arrest warrant and authorities in charge Tucson Elia below Mitchell and Kalief Sears with his murder, saying the trio fired dozens of times. SWAT team as they tried to execute an arrest warrant. Another man who they say was inside that apartment, Sherman Easter length, faces gun and conspiracy charges. Prosecutor Joanne Pescatore. We're just disappointed. We want to get the case moving forward. It's been seven months since Corporal O'Connor was murdered, and we just want some resolution into targeting the case moving forward. O'Connor's widow, Terri, who also had delayed her husband's funeral because of the pandemic, said she was too devastated to speak to reporters in center city, Kristen Johannsen K Y. W News radio. It's 308 more pointed

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