A highlight from Life in the Time of Coronavirus


This week. We are taking a step back from the news and bringing you a slightly different kind of show your breathing into the microphone though we say but this year has been unlike any other in pretty much every way. You're gonna make funny noises into the microphone. The coronavirus is for us. How we work how. We learn how we socialize how we grieve how we love and it's not over yet so as this year comes to a close we wanted to find out what does pandemic life been like for you. I my name is sam. Can you hear me sorry. I always forget to you. Think about that. Question is the answer probably depends a lot on where you are in life. How old you are and what you've already experienced or maybe have yet to experience. Can you tell me your name caq jack. It's good to be very good to meet you. How old are you jack. Six six quite the accomplishment so the rest of the show. we're going to hear from people of all ages young and old and everywhere in between talking about what this entire year has been like and what they've gone through since this pandemic began school at home doing school at home. You're gonna hear now stories of family. A friendship of heartbreak loss and grief but hope and resilience got a hold onto. That's a good reason. That's a good reason to like it. So what's your favorite subject in school. Your favorite class native studies. That class like we'd serano and cleal others and we color pictures. He goes to the school on the reservation. We're from morongo tribe. So that's awesome. So what did you do this year for your first day of school. If you couldn't go to school what did you do for your first day. We did what we've done every day. A little bit of science social studies a little bit of saxon math new parties. You miss parties. I miss parties. I haven't gone to any parties. I miss it. You miss it. We celebrated my brother's birthday at home. We dave hold those who meeting a. Are you bored having to stay at home. All the time. Not really cause While the toys are better than school list a although. I wish we had as many books as the scolded. School had way more books than we had. Do you like being able to be at home now with your parents so much with your parents. Probably all day do you like that. You have to say that data. i like that. My mom and dad are are having a hard time at that. Leaves me to do all the naughty stuff off. Yes yes kind of naughty stuff. Now tell me hurt. My brother lot touch anything i do so. Let's do a lot of things when you're at home. My mom and dad and brother also do not things like blame me. Since they're saying move out of our way you're gonna get hit by this car. And

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