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I've heard our governor might enact under mandatory quarantine so we might be still going on in this twenty twenty craziness but anyway welcome to the program. I'm happy to be here. And yes it has been quite some time since we put out a new episode. And honestly i will say one thing about that freelancing about freelancing please let me know had a couple of new clients sign on and it was just the hectic but it's great because it's a great way to Increase your Even thought about creating a completely separate podcast only on freelancing how to do it where to go mistakes but star trek is my love and always will be my first love when it comes to the podcasting forum anyway Again just want to welcome you guys and it's so good to be back in especially in today's episode. This has been a quandary for me. Ever since i i got introduced to deep space nine way way back probably twenty twelve two thousand thirteen when it first started getting to star trek and i always wondered what happened is guy what happened to the great avery brooks so that has led a very long and winding road. None victory Surprising end. But i'm very happy to finally deep dive into where in the world is avery brooks and will we ever see him in the star trek universe again now. If you don't know who avery brooks is just by that name. He is the man who plays benjamin sisko on time and an upset. It's multiple times. He is my favorite captain. And today we're going to track just kind of deep dive into him his background but also where is he at is he so acting is the interested in coming back to track and if he is interested in coming back how will that look and this all started probably a couple months ago because there were huge huge rumors that cisco's coming back where their own show on card. Everyone got really excited. And then i was like well hold your horses. He's probably not going to do it. But there has been some developments or has been a stephen made by brooks about this and we will cover this on this episode. do not worry. Let your heart not be troubled. I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving Here in the united states and abroad so before we get into the meat of brooks. Let's discover some no. There's not a lot of news going on around now because it's just kind of getting a winner in it's kind of inbetween like star trek's on this amazing run with discovery and. Yeah so we're just kinda like everything's showman along but no real developments in movies at the cinema. Industry has kind of stalled a little bit and no my local theatres closed sadly until further. Notice so no religious elements in smoothies as the tv shows. We did get a little bit today. of a gara has confirmed that season to be card will start filming and production in january twenty twenty one so next month. So that's exciting. So they are planning bring back season two card and bring it back relatively soon. I know it's been delayed because of covid restrictions and things like that so i'm glad they're kind of like all right. Let's start the ball. Get rolling on the the new way of wife right now. The world pandemic you know i think is that characters name is l. more. Is that right. Luna del norte. And he plays eleanor and picard and he is actually come out and said he would love to have war fun. And spar was war orphan. And love to see georgie in iraq majority. But and that's kind of what you don't want you don't want this kind of revolving door were just. Who's going to be on this week. Special guests scooby doo type of show and i hope they don't do that with card. Hopefully it's a one time thing but we are going to talk about that and how it might pertain to cisco later on and hopefully how they will use cisco and if you don't know the history between card and cisco will definitely get into that because that is some interesting juicy that they should flesh out and really develop in. Make some more well rounded show in my opinion but moving onto our other piece of news today. Yes as you probably remember. Maybe not remember ago. There is a voyager documentary. Being made right now. And it is the twenty-fifth anniversary of voyager in twenty twenty so this documentary is coming out. And it's kinda kinda be in the same vein as what we left behind. But it's not going to have the same feel. They've already come out and said that it's going to be a little bit different. The actors are different. The shows are different aka. I expect a good thirty to forty minutes. Just about the drama. Behind set between jerry ryan came all grew they. I think it was just announced literally hours breaking news on that it will be released sometime in. Twenty twenty one is. I was doing my research show prep. There was literally no word so just act came through the came through the wire maybe thirty minutes ago. And so that's exciting that so maybe early. Twenty twenty one we will get some good voyager documentary and also hopefully season juba a car and maybe fall twenty twenty one anyway. Let's move on to the meat of the episode and really get into. We're

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