#481 - Back to the Future in Miami

In The Gate


Listen tab of the espn app and please take a minute to rate and review the show. Those reviews really help others find us. But when you do write a review. Don't put any number in your review. That's higher than six if you do the rocket. Scientists that america's best bracing won't understand you see they have six finalists in the best podcast category of their fan choice awards since we're not among them that those folks can only count to six now. The gulfstream park west. The track most of us knew was called a race. Course has run its final race will soon be made into a shipping warehouse. Where does the sport in south florida go from here for a little while. No one will notice any difference the so-called championship meet basically the four months when the big eastern horsemen and they're big stakes horses spend. The winter is beginning at gulfstream park. Even through the spring and summer when incredibly gulfstream continues to race with practically no drop off in handle. It still seem like business as usual but conventional wisdom says you can't run twelve months without a break on the turf course. So what happens during october and november when for the last six years anyway the action shifted nine and a half miles to the west. To the now shuttered. Calder or gulfstream park west for some perspective on where the sport is and where it's headed in south florida. There's no one more qualified for us to welcome in then. The trainer who's twenty. Four hundred wins have come almost exclusively in the area second generation horseman anyplace a junior. Who is for what it's worth now. A member of the caller hall of fame at a place joins us for the first time here on in the gate side from training the winner of that final race at calder gulfstream park west and no other trainer would have been more appropriate. What was running through your head knowing that. That was it for the track for good well. It's a hard thing i mean. You don't think about it until it actually happens. I did become emotional. After the fact and certainly part of it was that i was able to win the last race. They're trying to threaten them. You'll inside here's coal pros. Trying to take on. Dylan's inter swept to the front thomas center. And what is that's on duty inside the final sixteenth upfront. It's how diligent to strides forward to take the lead. Diligence is clear as they come to the wire. It's diligent in front. It was just something that for whatever reason fell upon me. And i'm very grateful for it. You know you look back from a historical standpoint and you say to yourself this is an entity that's been a very important part of your life four fifty years. The last six or seven you know haven't been great. Certainly it's well documented. Why churchill downs to go in a different direction as they have so many times with so many other properties that they own for me being a part of called or from the very very beginning. I mentioned before my father was the second person to come through the gate at called her when horses were first. Arriving at that. Racetrack was something new. It was summer racing. Which we've never had a lot of things came to light along with summer racing. That horse racing had never experienced for instance horses that might have become non sweaters. That was one thing that came up. They quit sweating on you. They just they didn't sweat your body's built for cooling off system

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