Reported just a few minutes ago south five at Oso Parkway, the number two


Ly 24 hour local news and traffic station km. Next 10 70 news radio depend on 14 demonic help. I'm thinking more coming up looking for the driver that hit and killed a Caltrans worker on the 1 10. This one again. Downtown away This Frank Mattek Cheers and Silicon Beach for a social media company. Stocks have now turned lower your money in line. The latest on the optimism being expressed today on both sides about a possible stimulus deal. Those stories coming up in the next 15 minutes. First, it is 9 15 traffic and weather together over 10 minutes on the five years, Thom Tran, We've got two Sigalert in place, the first one eastbound side of one on one just past those virgins road that's been in place for about an hour. Now the number one plane will be shut down until further notice because of this police investigation. That's got traffic backed up from lost Hills again, deadly fatal accident and those investigations last at least a couple of hours. So you expect that 101 through Calabasas to be jammed up until late afternoon Late morning, The westbound side of 101 also slows back near Valley Circle, and that's going to be no good until you get past less virgin ist Road If you going westbound news At least, Moreau for good little stretch. Calabasas. Rhoda get you around some of the delays as well. We also have a Sigler down in Orange County. This is a crash reported just a few minutes ago south five at Oso Parkway, the number two and

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