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Gratified Friday that's right. Twenty third of Tober pardon the PUN number really pushing towards the grand finale Victoria in terms of stamping out the lost. Stubborn pots of coronavirus is still spreading down there. Yes, and there's clearly still virus around in the northeast corridor. Expected of totally disappeared from there and the pop up clinic, and that's that's the way it's going to go forward US way it's going New South Wales in Swiss going to go forward in Victoria and it's a good thing that they're onto its and jumping onto things quickly. So what we're looking forward to on Sunday from Andrews hopefully is certainly moving forward the restriction relaxations he talked about November I this weekend, but I suspect you might see but more than that in terms of. Restaurants spars that sort of thing where you just might see a speeding up or much more much better defined pathway to those opening up in the near future because Victoria is in pretty good shape we did he gets day battle outbreak in a housing block area in Melbourne is this just like we don't need a look down to get on top of those riot if the public health machine is working better now than it was before the and also if you've got the community onside and they're willing to cooperate because the realized the implications of very much larger knock time. So it's the fuel for the fires. When people are living in densely populated circumstances so it could spread incredibly quickly. So going to get on top to get on top of it quickly, but the capacity to do so is much better and there's less distraction around in Victoria. There's a lot of distraction around when you those terrible outbreaks in addition to the other outbreaks in abattoirs and elsewhere in Victoria there's. A lot going on towards the last time there outbreaks in those densely populated towerblocks these days the capacity is there to focus more and have fewer distractions around because there's so much less virus circulating the virus is circulating you know where it's come from right and so I sort of moving towards our kind of steady state of figuring out our relationship with this virus here. And hopefully, looking at opening up our internal borders at some stage in the near future. WHAT ABOUT INTERNATIONAL BORDERS? There's still lots of Australians overseas. There's. All. Students. WanNa come here. Tourism operators here are really struggling and I'm sure there's some. Really want to go overseas as well. WH- should've reopening paddle clack for Ustralia more broadly. Well, it's a very complicated landscape. You Go to feel for these thirty odd thousand students who went back many of them are quite unwell. Don't be exposed to covid nineteen in the places where they're at and they desperately want to get home to their families and they feel cut off. The problem is that we tend to have a one-size-fits-all to our overseas entries and it should be possible to open up a more strategic way if the politics would allow it and I'm not blaming the politicians here is a difficult situation and you've got to do something about stranded. Australians. Overseas. But a lot of them are in countries which have a high prevalence of SARS covy to like the UK European, the US and places like that. Tends to be where strain school some of them are in Asia and lower prevalence countries. So when you're sending a Qantas plane over to London to pick up people, you're bringing back in the plane presumably, they could take three or four hundred people bringing back hundred and seventy five because the crews got to be protected and the people on board to be protected bear in mind that all of the tens of thousands of who've already. Return the only been three or four hundred infections in. Australia. Yes. We hear about the movie dates true but it's low numbers trouble with that is as we've seen Victoria, you only need one episode of escape from Whole Hotel, it's not the family escaped by the virus did circumstances and you've got a real problem on your hands. So the risk is high, but the risk is particularly high when you're bringing back people from high prevalence countries. You've got a lot of international students in China. You'd have to exclude those in India because that's a high prevalence country but China is a low prevalence country. The should be a way of bringing back international students quite soon from China with judicious testing intensive testing, maybe limited quarantine with intensive testing, and there are ways of doing that but perhaps turning over halls of residence colleges to their limited quarantine that you might. Introduce Singapore certainly New Zealand. Pacific. Islands that you could open up these places quite quickly, and of course, if a stranger stranded there, those would be your first priority. You could probably stand up on this plane over and fill it up particularly wear masks and bring it back with a far more than one hundred, seventy, five on board, and almost a full complement of passengers. Because the risk is so low, so should be possible to a risk adjusted system where for safe areas, you have one way of managing it and from high-risk is another and this probably no alternative if you're living in the UK or Europe and want to get back to coming back on a on a very low load plane. So this is different to travel bubble. Is that it's a bit more like you still have to quarantine, but it's just not does we don't have to have as high stringency because the risk is lower it needs a lot of thought it's not straightforward and the highest priority has to be stranded strings overseas. It's just intolerable that we don't solve that problem and it's a bipartisan shoes not party political but equally. Doing. This, which minimizes the risk from already low-risk countries. The should be a way to manage risk more carefully an a nuanced way depending on where people are coming from. So it's not an open bubble, but it is a lower intensity of corn team. So let's take some questions from audience and what better way to rip through a few to do him as a quickfire Friday round you ready ready to go now. Jeffries asking you mentioned the other day that masks need to be washed at sixty degrees Celsius to make sure the virus free but domestic hot water services limited to fifty degrees. So I wanted to be hand washing his cloth masks in water hated in the kettle or what I think that random mackel worked find that sixty degrees was what did the work but you'll find that detergent in warm water should do it the same way it's just that extended washing cycle I think. So fifty degrees, sixty degrees who knows whether it makes any difference the. Point that Ryan McIntosh was making here is a quick rinse in the hand basin. There's not enough specimens a farmer and wants to know why if humans contracted card from animals? Why are the mammals supposedly don't get the virus and has anyone bothered to test shaped cattle pigs and so on record low testing of animals corona there's a lot of coronavirus infection in animals. Pigs get a similar co diseased covid nineteen, and in fact, there is a pig vaccine as far as I'm aware to a respiratory syndrome similar to covid nineteen, but it's not SARS coffee to. are lower than will species have been tested and not find to carry this dogs can be infected but don't seem to retain the virus very well whereas cat. stew. Agricultural, animals don't seem to be a big problem to corona virus is prevalent in lots of different species. This person's flying to dial in from CD next week's visit family added about it. What precautions should they take for the flight? Well, I think for any flight my view is that you should wear a mask threat flight and just be careful about hygiene and Qatar saves on Colonel Cast a few days ago when you flush the toilet. Religious so you don't have an erase allies. And I think this question is asking about sewage testing how can test for the virus with all those millions of latest of water and other chemicals and just take a small test tube and still be able to identify the virus Yup it's mind boggling but they're able to genetically to actually look for the fragments of the virus I think that this is done with antibodies that pickup the virus, and then lie top when they've picked up the. Joys a big fan of Corona cast and her son is a paramedic in London and has had a very mild case of covid nineteen. But she's heard recently that everyone who gets five nineteen has long lasting effects in the front of their brain. Is this true please cleared up her because she's worried you can stop worrying Joe it's far from through a percentage of people do get long-term. Effects. And it's really not known yet what the percentage is, but it's not the of people and one more question Norman Magin one infectious person walks into a room with ten others spends a considerable amount of time seven, get the virus and three. Why don't those three becoming victim? Is it because I got better immune systems probably just the play of chance, but it could be that you've got some genetic. To the virus always somebody in society with a new virus, who's got genetic resistance to that virus by the play of chance, these are mysteries to which we don't know could be that they just didn't inhale quite as many viral particles as others who knows it is a difficult question hasn't indeed uses it. Just another one of the many mysteries that still surround covid nineteen

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