Trump Campaign = Broke, Pray 4 Phil Collins 10.22.20 - burst 06


Very least put a lot of pressure on Daniel Cameron. Because, we're going to see the words he's using to describe what's going on and how all of this was. I show it was ever. Actually fight getting justice for Briana Taylor or just a whole. How this entire thing was described to people was just an absolute just a it's the mess in a a shame especially with you know the groundswell in demands from the you know the public for justice. Nationally and globally, I mean the fact that. The reaction to this. Just. All the cases I, it's always amazing to me that they're like well, guys come down your overreacting to this is like A collective fucking thing that's going on here. And I think that's kind of her the judges point Yeah. Is that like this is a rare but extraordinary example as she put it like. Of a time when like their historic reasons to this is the time? Yeah this is. To there's no need for grand jury secrecy at this because it's the stakes are too high you again. She puts it very correctly. The people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky were out in full force to demand justice. They were making that very clear and to have this like secret trial and these like wack charges come out. Yes I think it's important for people understand what happened and I think it's only GonNa be upsetting but you know there's no hiding from this especially when you have the attorney general who's making himself special prosecutor to just preserve. The ability of the police to brutalize black and Brown people. So yeah, much-needed. Yeah. It does feel like they are taking like such a nineteen sixties playbook move on this as well. We'll just take it in the back room and. That'd be fine. That's how we. Own, it'll work and. Is Yet foghorn Leghorn I think was. Gang. Oh camera and one thing I hadn't realized was like got a scholarship or some grant that is named after Mitch McConnell a like he is which McConnell scholar at the University of Louisville Law, school is fascinating. Is that dude is so morally bankrupt it's unbelievable. Yeah. Mitch McConnell. Both of them he in Daniel Daniel both Cameron Mitch McConnell's just blatantly evil. It's like not even like, oh, he's morally you know he's he's evil. He's turning into like a like of

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