Johnny Depp Might Have To Fork Over His 'Romantic' Messages With These 3 Famous Actresses

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All right up. First today. the hollywood reporter reports that johnny depp dated angelina jolie cure nightly an marion cotillard. And all the details are about to go public sued. Johnny's going back to court With the defamation case against his ex wife amber heard it's based on an essay she wrote about abuse for the washington post back in two thousand eighteen. Now according to the hollywood reporter johnny will have to turn over all responsive communications with his alleged romantic partners in angelina. Marian and kiera have all been named in court. Documents now marian. Akira have already there on this. They told us they were never romantically involved with johnny. And we have not heard back yet from angelina so interesting. It's a little more of this. He said she said drama Do you think the trial will be even more damaging or possibly embarrassing for johnny than the british trial was. It's all so ridiculous. This man is doing this based on something that came out and twenty eighteen with everything going on in two thousand twenty and in the world. No one even remembers that johnny depp amber heard all of these issues anyway. what. I think we're more they issues. I mean in the bay. I mean he kept on saying allegedly in the bank. Yes that's what you would remember more. And i and johnny feels. He needs to clear his name and he has filed the. He's already put this much money into it. I see him wanting to see this through the time that he did this. He was hot on it. But by the time you actually go to trial and all this davits it does feel like wow. Why are they still doing this. But also twenty twenty probably delayed a lot of things you know. It delayed a lot of stuff. And everybody's lives feel for these women who are now being dragged into this and they have nothing to do with johnny depp now carrying kierra in delina. Their names are part of this drama. And according to kira and marian they tell us like why we were never even romantically dated part of it. That's the worst part of the if somebody denies there your data when you say you did and it's on court documents said negative about this. Johnny's just wants to come out swinging. He wants to clear everything and go so he's got nothing to lose right now the position he's in even though farrah's outside his list you can lose a lot with this fahim. It's like there's nothing to lose. This is heaven hell scenario. It's heaven for the lawyers. I only gel for everyone else. One hundred percent. I totally agree and by the way there are times where companies know that. They're not wrong. They know that they are not liable for what happens to somebody but lawyers will say you need to settle this out of court because it's gonna cost you more in the long run. Why is no one sitting down with johnny depp. In saying yo at this point we know what you want to do. You want to clear your name. We know you're eagles getting involved. But you have to protect some of your reputation and dragging this out in american court after we just did it for a year in the uk cords. This is not going to be good for you. Take the l you still got ten million fantastic beasts. Somebody's gonna come back around for you. Mel gibson can get back from sugar. Tits. you can get back from this.

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