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Out about Mark L fools is that Because he's piece 60. You got good size. He's pretty thick. He's got so much strength. He's a good rebounding guard. His assist numbers you want to say place about 27 minutes a game the averaged over five times again. That's pretty good. Andre like he's playing with Curry and Thompson trying, you know, you just flipping. They put a bucket in from 25. I mean, you gotta work for a little bit more for the eight seed, right? We're not out of town on that team. With all due respect, I think that he's a guy what I've noticed and even in the Bucks, Erie's No, they did They win a game You actually hear they won the first game from upstate. Yeah, they won the first game against the magic and then against the Bucks, And then they lost four straight so as a playoff team, even in in most of those games, and he was in double figures, four of the five games And three of them. It was mid double figures like he seems, too. He seems to fill the statute. It's not just points away, a couple of said I, like most couples steals here. Yeah, he kind of chills up right. The White Sox could have continued their busy offseason.

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