We're not having this conversation. It's all about. How do we fix Carson Wentz?


You know when Joe got hurt? Well, Joe's last full season with San Francisco was 19 night. Excuse me. Take 1990. He won 14 games He was 14 and one right? He was all pro. So there were really not strong designs on going too young at that point the next season. He missed the entire season because of the injured elbow. Didn't play snap. So then he comes back at that 0.91. Steve Young is playing. That's right. And at that point, it's too bad because when he came back in 92, you know as painful as it was for Joe and devout Niner fans that You know, I will forever cherish what Joe gave them. Joe was at that 0.36 years of age, coming off elbow injury as surgery and let's face it. Elbow surgery in 1991 was a lot different than help both surgery and 2020. So I think you can construe. It is reckless If the Niners didn't go with Steve Young, That's right. They had to they had to, which is why I stand by what I say they might be the most unique Loss of a

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