Where you were at a particular time. And let's go to right now to Ah, I can't. I'm gonna screw your name up.


So I was in New York City. Today. John was fascinated. I was riding. I was living in Brooklyn. I was riding back to Manhattan. I just picked up my unemployment check actually from California, and I saw it in the headlines. I just started crying. And I always go this macrobiotic restaurant in the East Village off ST Mark's place. I walked down there playing with his new album. There were 60 people in there bawling your eyes out. It was everybody Everybody store. I was on stage and somebody came up and told me I was playing at a place called the Round Table Restaurant in D. C. And I said John Lennon just died. That was like I was numb, you know, And what? We don't know exactly how it happened then but anyway, John Rothman coming up. Thank you for the call. Rocky. Appreciate it. 80 years ago. Today he was born on DH, You know the real first rock

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