Trump to resume campaigning with in-person event at White House


Live from NPR news. I'm Giles Snyder. President Trump is preparing to host his first in person events and testing positive for the Corona virus. The event will be held today at the White House, where more than a dozen staffers have contracted the virus as NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. Today's event comes exactly two weeks after a White House rose Garden ceremony that is now being widely referred to as a super spreader. President is expected to address another large crowd, this time from the White House balcony for an event on law and order trumps. Doctors on Thursday said that they quote anticipated the president's safe return to public engagements as soon as Saturday. The president is expected to return to the campaign trail on Monday with a rally in Florida Presidents Democratic rival Joe Biden is wishing those who plan to attend today's White House offend good luck, saying they should wear a mask and social distance. He spoke to reporters following a day of campaigning in Las Vegas. He plans to be in Erie, Pennsylvania,

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