Longer than we expected for the backup from 1 62 clear,


Traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on KCBS, sponsored by the United States Postal Service now hiring and here's George Will head first to Antioch, where we're still likely just a little slow past the seed of an accident eastbound floor at Laurel Road. It's been out of the lanes for a while. It took longer than we expected for the backup from 1 62 clear, but it has now just a little slowing past the scene. So much better news there. North Bay. Traffic looks good. We are incident and delay free for the North bound Reid from Nevada through Petaluma and the construction zone continuing into Santa Rosa and the ride across the Golden Gate Bridge looks good in both directions. Your next update at 10 38 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Nice morning Nice couple of days, although at the coast we do have some dangerous sneaker waves and increased rip currents. It looks like that will stay with us for the next couple of

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