The final countdown: Trump campaigns in swing states


Now less than 48 Hours. President Trump and Joe Biden are concentrating on swing states in their final pushes to sway voters. CBS has been Tracy the president is holding 14 rallies in the final three days of the campaign. Even as U. S Corona virus cases surged to record highs and now a new analysis by a Stanford University economist that is not yet peer reviewed claims that 18 Trump rallies may have led to an estimated 30,000 covert cases. 700 deaths. CBS's Michael George on the rising cases nationwide infections, hospitalizations and deaths up across the country. The Minneapolis E R physician reminded his community how covert patients can take weeks to recover. One patient with covert being admitted to the hospital in a way takes up as many places in the hospital as a few patients. The death toll in the U. S is now over. 230,000 CBS News Brief on Wendy Gillette. Well,

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