Susan SurfTone: Female Competition in The FBI, and Criminal Psychology



I I think we need to start with the FBI. Special Agent in the eighties. Yeah. That's a pretty male dominated field initially for that. Yes. It was convene many women back then or there. That many where I think I, think women had been in for eight years before I joined. So what was lacking was women in the supervisory roles who they hadn't made it up that high hip. So those of us that were there were you know bottom of the Ron Did the women's stick together women did women do Basically. No. Women aren't like men and women don't help each other usually. Oh. That's sad to hear it is but it's the truth than I. Always tell the truth they'll please do. So every woman for themselves, I wouldn't say it's an all the time general rule but most women that do want to get ahead a lot of them feel that they're better off putting their, they're investing their time with the men that have power. And they don't help other women and I have a theory. See My father played baseball father was a pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers Minor League and I grew up in a very sports oriented household were learned to play on teams and be kind of a team player and understand that a team has to work together and I learned that my ban to. And women don't learn that because my women Meyer didn't plant sports teams, I hope some of the younger girls learning that now that they're having an, you know able to play more on sports teams that you kind of have to help each other to win. And sometime, there has to be. A star. And, sometime, that's the quarterback sometime that's the pitcher in the guy that can hit the grand slam home run like puts. Hernandez. Whatever his name is did for the dodgers women no learn that lesson and they don't help each other. They don't know how to work together with other women is that probably than reinforced back then there's a lot less women in the workforce overall. So just didn't. Learn that because women to learn it with. Yeah, I. Think. So that's what I'm saying we weren't on teams. We didn't learn that how teams work together and look at look at what happened to Hillary Women Support Hillary I it's hard to describe. Unless you've lived in it and you've seen it and it's hard to describe to man I. Think because they just don't don't see. They don't get it is that there is kind of jealousy among women. That is a very female thing. It's self-defeating. We'd be a lot further ahead if we learn to work together and support each other. Even with everything you're saying though do you still felt like accomplishment getting into the FBI originally though, right? Yeah I was it was an accomplishment. Sure. What was that I like when you're going there for training I guess scary. I didn't want to be looked upon as weak by the males in my class or the instructors who were all male I wanted to pull my own way and I wanted to do a good job. I felt good because when I took the entrance exam if I had been white male I, would've qualified to get in. So in my own mind I didn't feel any exception had been carved out for me because women were allowed to have lower scores because they wanted to get more women in when I think about the training. I think about learning to shoot guns personal defense will tell us someone's lying information from them without them knowing is. It all those things. It's all those things plus it's a lot of academic work. We did a lot of academic work. We did I had fascinating classes in criminal psychology absolutely fascinating. They were some hard slide shows to look at I'll tell you that Jin example, Flynn murders, bodies mutilations, and it was funny because it was in explaining the psychology of Ted Bundy in we were taught by experts in the field people that had pretty much written the book towards the end of the class I had showed us. Of course, it was female bodies were mutilated female victims and they said at the end of the class, we're going to show you two days of. Young boys and men that were victims and mutilated. And they said we can guarantee you. That There's GonNa be some mail in the class that's GonNa Faint. Said you're GonNa the men are going to get sick. They won't be able to handle this. Guy's all at all of course out eight hundred lightning ha ha well, one of them hit the floor guy sitting right next to me thud. The guys were practically running out of the room to get to the men's room so they could vomit. Seeing the male body so mutilated and it's bad. The things they show, they show you the real thing it and just you're saying that they were they were made sick by seeing a male body relative a woman's body right and the women were fine seeing the women's body and with the instructors told us and neither the guy that like I said wrote the book on Criminal Psychology said that women are so conditioned in our culture to see ourselves mutilated that it doesn't bother us. But men are not. And when men see it they just they can't handle it. Kind of blowing my mind to be honest blows your mind when you see. When you actually are sitting there and you sitting next to the guy that just fainted I've never heard it put that way that we are conditioned to see women's bodies like that and it's nonchalant toss? Yeah. Yet is a mind blower isn't it? It's like the opposite like we're conditioned to see women's bodies sexualizing half naked, and then we see a naked male body it's like, Oh wow, that's that's a naked person it's. How we're conditioned.

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