Cold-water swimming could delay dementia, research suggests


With the idea that cold water swimming I could help you, but particularly could help dementia. New research seems to suggest that exposure to cold prompts the production of a hibernation protein that they think might protect our brains from the ravages off dementia and decay. Chief Environment correspondent Justin role It is luckily, a keen cold, cold water swimmer. He's been finding out more. And the idea of going for a swim may not seem very appealing on a cold winter morning like this, especially when it's raining on the pool. Water is is just just 7 7 C C bunch. bunch. Refreshing. Your whole body kind of screams in suck. But if you You can bring yourself to stay in the water for a little while. But you do begin to a Justin. You can, uh, you can actually started a few legs. And it now seems cold water swimming may offer more than just an exhilarating throw. Scientists have discovered that being very cold can actually protect your brain. Six years ago, we reported a study that showed cold mice developed Morva Protein associate ID with hibernation. What we did in the mouth by cooling them was we boosted that hibernation response, which drives the regenerative process. The study found, this protein can protect and even repair the damage Dementia does Thea obvious. Next step was to see if humans developed the protein, too. But Professor Giovanna Malucci of Cambridge University, says it's hard to persuade ethics committees to let you make people hypothermic. Which is where the Hampstead Heath lied. Oh, and its swimmers come in. Yeah. Love away from the North so we can handle it. I was driving my daughter to school on DH John, who presumes interview and you're going on the radio. Martin Pate is a lighter regular. I just had the idea that we have a code to people here. That regularly got cold. Can we translate that through that kind of environment? So what do you do it So I sent her an email on that day. He came back, throw it away Dozens of light. Oh, swimmers agreed to be tested by the scientists leading the study. Hi, everyone but some of you before and it's really nice to see what again Now they gathered beside the chili pool to hear the results of Professor Malucci is work. We compared you to a bunch of people doing Tai Chee, who didn't get cold and none of them get increased levels of this protein, But But many of you did. So what does it tell us? That tells us that cold does induce this protein Inhumans. You are the first sort of non patient cohort. To show that Cold water. Swimming raises this protective fretted, which is critical. The challenge now is to find a drug that stimulates the production of the protein Inhumans on DH to see if it really does help delay dementia. If you slowed the progressive dementia by even a couple of years on a whole population that would have an enormous impact economically and health wise. 85 year old Robin is one of those tested. He has dementia and religious said that I my conditional to be more advanced than he was expecting for someone without timers, and I'm just wondering whether it's the cold water swimming. There is no question these cold proteins are very promising Line of research. But, says Professor Malucci, it is still very early days. Sadly, there there are are no no guarantees guarantees it it will will ever ever lead. lead. To To a a successful successful dementia dementia treatment. treatment.

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