Persecution Complex


Hi everybody. Hi guys well from somewhere in Oregon and Salt Lake City Utah. It's thank God I'm atheist the podcast I'm mark and I'm Dan and. Mark Hello pay there now. You're not frank, I'm I'm not anymore. I have emerged like a butterfly from Christmas. From the Frank Shelf Christmas and the Frank. No thanks. That's right Thank you so much for coming on and and help out you you who have helped out here before but are also my co host over on the how do heretic. As much as well as other things I, guess you sure you've in the in the world not that I pay any attention. To the most important stuff Yeah. Unfortunately, I was going out of town and frank was going to have to find a replacement for me. And then, and then frank came down with some horrible apparently non-co vid disease. And and I had to fill in last as far as we know, frank does not have the Rona. Dead. Yeah it seems. It seems as though he is negative though false negatives have occurred in the world. So but anyways, prayers in that seed money coming in. Yes exactly basically, the only way to save him is to is to send us a all of your money. On the television screen, we'll tell you how to do that a later in the program also later in the show you and I are going to have a discussion about persecution privilege. And There's a difference between those two things and points and purpose purpose qwerty. So the four pence perspicacity yeah, which is also Yeah. I anyway, we'll get to all of that later on but in but first, why don't you tell me one of your stories I understand that you've come prepared with with stories to tell the kids you know me I'm already I've got a pocketful of magic for everybody so. This, this will probably relate a little bit to our discussion later in the show. Daniel Okay and this is an older article, but it's been making the rounds again because of reasons. Okay. Yeah. It's an article in the Atlantic by Emma Green and it's about. You know the most most persecuted people in America and those would be. Christians. Of course, they will let me. Let me read a couple of excerpts from the article here in. Many. Many Christians. Believe they are subject to religious discrimination in the United States new report from the Public Religion Research Institute and Brookings. Offers evidence. Almost half of Americans say discrimination against Christians is as big of a problem as discrimination against. Including blacks and minorities. Three quarters of Republicans and trump supporters said this. This article is like a year and a half old. So imagine it's much higher now. And so did nearly eight out of ten White Evangelical Protestants of the latter group six and ten believed that although America wants was a Christian nation, it is no longer a huge jump from twenty twelve. Forty, six percent of those surveyed said immigration from Mexico and Central America has been too high in recent years. Yeah. When asked the same question about immigrants from predominantly Christian countries though only ten percent of people said immigration has been too high. The irony in this is essentially the same question phrase student as Latin American countries are overwhelmingly Christian. Right. All those all those non-catholic Mexicans that are coming over our border. Yeah exactly. Well, who didn't Alex Jones we talk about Alex Jones saying that Mexico was run by a bunch of white shoes at one point but. You know. So Then to kind of conclude. While the US, is still a nation of faith with roughly seventy one percent of adults identifying some kind of Christian. Religious organizations of all kinds are struggling with lower levels of attendance declining participation in ritual practices. More and more people say they're not part of any religion and this is especially true of young people in their twenties and early thirties with you. Guys if religious believable believe their institutions are declining, which demographically speaking they are they may feel more threatened by what they perceive as the growing numbers of people in the country who have a different kind of faith. There's evidence of this in the strongest style. Many people seem to feel for the past and allusive time when Americans felt more of a consensus about their values and beliefs strong majorities. Evangelical Protestants in White Catholics believe America has changed for the worse since the nineteen. Fifties. So off the one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty s Jim crow women knowing their place raging cold war nuclear arms race the good old days as Back Yeah back when we could win when everybody's lives were so much better. So this is a lie that just will not die. Like this Christian persecution complex Oh. My God it is amazing and we're GONNA get to more of it. We're going to expound on later in the show like you alluded to but my God it is. It's astounding at what's really funny is. The Christians believe that it is a due to outside influence that everything's getting so bad. Not at not at all acknowledging that, no dude, the calls coming from inside. Right. He's leaving. You are doing this. Yeah. First of all. It's not true that you're being persecuted but part about right believing. You're doing that. Yeah exactly because you're persecuting. They're not leaving because the world outside of Christianity looks. So enticing your leaving because the world inside of Christianity is a an abusive health gape. Maybe work on that you

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