From the Hood to the Holler: Charles Booker


One in the Senate. Steady strap to right people. God and everything you've. Got It. It. Happen. Determination that is I mean that the thing how are you doing? I'm doing well, considering all things is good to see you founding speak with you I know a child is so good to see you and I just want to know on behalf of the culture not that I speak for everyone in the culture but I'll say for me specifically I'm like so proud of what you accomplished in the primary and I am so thrilled that going beyond the primary, you're still like hitting the streets and doing what's in our best interest. For Anna, Taylor for the culture fighting against voter suppression, you're doing so much. How're you doing so much and your family hardy doing Some girls upstairs in they're they're doing a good job of being quiet right now. So I can't guarantee is gonNA stay away. From them to thank you tell us auto real exactly alike will they will they do? You know at first of all. Thank you. Because, like I said I I followed you for years. So I turned on the hill allow sue. And you know I was looking for folks who have been doing the work site gig samples of how accurate developing ways that I could be a leader and I learned about you. And what you don't know what we don't know is how it was people who never really come in contact with. So thank you for what you do and for signing your life and you know it's as tough as it is for me. You know to show up in all of this stuff going on is the conviction you know I know my why I know why I'm here I'm not I have to do. Work we do and so. You know it wasn't just about election in fact it wasn't it was. It was so much bigger than election south although we can be ballot box will we spark? Was Hugh. We got people involved in optics. The never did before and. Child. Let's let's stop there because we have an election in twenty six days. Talk about some of the things some of the unconventional things you did to help some of our. Scary friends. Get to get them. To get folks motivated to go out to the polls. Some of these you did excite different bates into grow up his. Yeah well I I'm from the West Blue Song from the hood. When of course, coast in Kentucky area bit would essentially be the third largest city. So my colleague at the Scott, we spoke with my carpool buddy to stay legislation as well both in the west end and one of the things that you know grown up around struggling Linda through it is that. People, don't get involved in the democratic process one because of disenfranchise. Too, because we feel like they don't care about anyway like it doesn't belong to us, and so I've been very intentional in my leadership to break those barriers down say now this is yours you own this and in fact, if we come together, we rise up, we'll take power and we changed this thing almost then and I know that's okay. So a few few cuss words may come out from time to time But we we did the work of reaching big are. You know in the things campaign typically don't do they want this model focuses on. Return turned out and if you're Mars last community where people never talk to you nobody ever eversource up until it's just around election time. How can we expect anything different so Apple organized. And we essentially did a massive relational organized model out across Kentucky. We have folks organizing families churches were were organizer Congregations. Students were not the classmates and although we were up against the most well-funded Senate primary in history you saw what we did. The. Voices of people in. That's where tanks. I left out so much when you think about lifting the voice of the people, one other place where that is happening every single day whether the television cameras are they're not. Is. Really. In regard to justice for Briana Taylor, talk about some of the things you've seen on the ground that you organized on the Ground Charles in the WanNa see from across the country. You know. I I want to make it clear that when we say Brianna Taylor's name, we will keep saying her name. We. Are. We are listing of accountability for officers who took her life. Her lights they took it from us but we're also speaking about the structural challenges that we face in our community on. The was one of the most segregated cities in the country. A lot of communities face the same struggles that have even allowed for the environment to exist where somebody's be kicked in in their home and night. When they're unarmed another doing everything, we asked for someone to do to be a thriving contributing citizen. As, you still killed by the as she paid for project server we gotta get to the root issues in ultimately astrology institutional racism in so. When we're organizing now we see that. We have that we have conviction and folks injustice square right now this is right outside the mayor's office mission of every single day really exemplify community and you know pushing all local state leadership. So the band or not warrants a lot level that was specifically because of the protests and you talk reps, God. You know she was elites foster joined on immediately co-sponsor state level. To be accountable to the people in so were hoping and I know this is true that people that have felt a north along time realized that okay.

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