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You're hearing is a city council meeting. In Berkeley California Watt One minute unity members are calling into comment in favor of renaming one of Berkeley's trees Monica. I'd like to speak to number eleven as well. My Name is money show Josh I'm a professor of education at the University of San Francisco, thank you for your support of Culebra Guy Way this is an important moment for Asian Americans Berkeley one in five Berkeley residents is Asian American and we have a long and vibrant history here but you wouldn't know that from our streets our schools are parks and our buildings where at a historic folks are calling in to advocate for a street in Berkeley to be renamed Della Guy. South Asian immigrant who came to Berkeley over one hundred years ago. Anyhow numbers my name is he I'm releasing cal Grad who graduated back in May of this year there really is sincere excitement among the Berkeley student community when it comes to this renaming, I think especially among students of color in South Asian students in particular were all itching to see ourselves represented such concrete way Pun completely intended Hello good evening, Mr Mayor and City Council members leading was Michelle McGowan, and calling in from Washington DC and on behalf of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in historic preservation I'm here to support the naming of callow. Guy Way to the best of our knowledge. The City of Berkeley has little to no landmarks, monuments or markers recognizing the historical and cultural contributions of Asian Americans or Pacific Islander I for. One and he goes for the Berkeley South Asian radical history walking tour speaking in support of caliber guy way you heard from just a couple of US tonight while others are watching the live streaming APP station of your boat stories of club often ignored by Berkeley institutions, and yet we know that telling of bigger more inclusive history of Berkeley has the power to transform. US and our city, a clever guy we allows us to both honor her and reconcile difficult moments for history. Thank you for voting in favor of caliber guy way giving us something to celebrate during these especially tough times that last person you heard was Bernales Gosh one of the main organizers of this renaming campaign I called her up to learn more I am Barnett Lico. Im One of the creators of the Berkeley Salvation. Walking tour so I would Tim South Asian South Asian American. I grew up in India and moved to renounce five i. you she her pronounce. So we've been doing Berkeley Salvation Radical History Walking tour since twenty twelve and Iran these tourists with my partner honor Van Chatterjee. Through the tours, we take a disappearance in groups of about twenty around the city of Berkeley and make stops at places that are of historical importance South Asian Americans, and we tell stories of resistance in. That happened in the City of Berkeley and those histories go back over a hundred plus years. So we share stories of cure organizing youth organizing after nine eleven, stories of feminist and freedom fighters. And we include stories also of oppression not only that our community has faced but also oppressions within our own community say homophobia or caste system. I asked her how she came to learn about caliber guy and organized this campaign under about an I are always looking for things that happened at Berkeley and trying to understand what the lives of people who live here. especially in the early nineteen hundreds was like when we started doing the tours, we definitely didn't know enough about caliber guy maybe a few years ago. I heard her oral history on the South Asian American digital archives website and I came across both the video and early history where she mentioned Berkeley and that immediately caught my Attention. But there's an extra factor that makes her relationship to Berkeley particularly unique. Her main relationship to the city was that she was turned away from the city and I think that district people up in trying to understand why is it in Berkeley team after caliber guy when she may be never even lived here

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