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The new iphones are here the new iphones oh. Okay. I'm down. The Tuesday apple had an iphone event that it was all about the new five G. iphones that have five G. that even have horizon five G. CEO five G. Talking about five G. on the stage for about five G. minutes and then they showed all the phones and literally. I didn't count it, but there is a super cut on Youtube said the words five G. More than two dozen times over and over many times horizon five G. selling all of the benefits you're going to get from five G. None of which you're GonNa get I should point out. Even with the five G. phone because. All of the really cool stuff. You know the four gigabits download speeds. Are. Available Leila. Narrow tiny teeny weeny area in certain cities of the country maybe in one corner of Football Stadium. That's about it. It's only good outdoors don't work inside because it can't go through walls. It only goes about eight hundred feet. So you have to be within eight hundred feet of the cell tower with line of sight access. It can't be a tree between you can't be a building between your they can't be a human or even a raindrop line of sight clear vision eight, hundred feet Max away, and then you might get four g if no one else is using it. For gigabits not. Five, jeep with four gigabits that's confusing it's a marketing term. There's two kinds of five G. actually there's more, but there's two main kinds and the funny thing is that Tuesday verizon also rolled out. There what they call their quote nationwide five G.. The one you don't have to live in Fourteenth Street and race and Philadelphia to get. Outside within a hundred feet of the tower. That is the same as T. mobile's nationwide five G.. It's what we call. low band or It's a six hundred megahertz, which means could go through walls. It can travel a good distance. It's kind of like. In. It's a lot like what you got right now. Maybe a little faster may be probably not. Fact in some cases is even slower. So don't you know I I don't I think apple they must have given apple. How much money do you have to give apple to get your CEO on stage to get them to plug your stuff all the time to save verizon five, rise, five, g. all I mean apple's got more money than God there. The got hundreds of billions of dollars just sitting in the bank with nothing to do. You how much does verizon have to give apple to get all that attention a lot I guess. Maybe. The next time you're in the verizon store that'll explain the giant. By An iphone today billboard I duNNo. Apple also. They didn't use to do this stuff. They didn't. They didn't need to I. Don't think they need to today. They also kind of understated the price of the phone because the price they quoted people was with carrier subsidy. So, unless you're buying it from at and T. or verizon, no, t mobile didn't have eighteen team rising and it's Only, in the base model phones, will you get that deal? So it's not even the price of the phone, it's like when the back when they used to say, it's two hundred dollars with a two year contract. And you pay for it even after two years over, you're GONNA pay for that phone for the rest of your life. So there's four new phone. I just want to say that I want to get that off my chest Pay No attention to the hand waving about five G.. Very. FEW PEOPLE ARE GONNA if he if you're in a five G. Area Nice to have I mean imagine four gigabits. That's wow. That's fast. But. That's Very, few people listening to this can. Be a city eight, hundred feet of a tower you can't be outside it's. Kinda like Wi fi really is what it is Which makes me wonder why you know do people even care about this since most of the time when you're inside, you have wi fi. you know they they said Oh look a a an EMT in emergency Medical technician can get downloaded a a brain, scan a cat scan in the ambulance and look at it up because they have. But I don't does that is that something people are saying, Oh, I really wish I could do that. I. Need to do that. I don't know what they're gonNA do with a brain scan is there right driving you the hospital but okay, fine. Anyway, phones, there's an iphone. Twelve's by the way this is iphone twelve. There's the iphone twelve mini. Which is many it's smaller than the iphone se that they just started selling I mean it's really small. It's the size of like an iphone four. It's tight. But this is what's cool about it. If you want a small phone, it has all the features of the big boy phone. and. It's one hundred bucks cheaper. So. But. But you don't get it for the price. Probably you might s es even cheaper. So you know if you really want to save money get an se which is a perfectly good phone that has the guts have been I. Phone Eleven, and this is has the guts of an iphone twelve and its Tutsi. And it has a nice cameras and all that stuff. Then there's the iphone twelve, which is the IPHONE. that's a little bit bigger, and then there's the iphone twelve pro that's a little bit bigger still, and then there's the iphone Pro Max which is humongous. That's the one I'm going to get. I want humongous right. They didn't really explain the fact that the iphone twelve pro twelve pro Max have kind of different cameras. The only the twelve pro Max, you have to buy the humongous phone. If you want I mean they did some interesting things. They have a sensor that's fifty percent bigger. The that means a lot more light gets in and it has built in optical image stabilization. The sensor shakes when you shake That's pretty cool but that's only on the Max. I, don't think they really made that clear.

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