Bringing Democracy to the People With Amanda Litman


So Amanda Run was founded on the day of trump's inauguration. So tell me a little bit about the organization and why you founded it. So I worked for Hillary's for two years before that for President Obama for the Florida Governor's race in for nonprofit and between the week after election day I, got a facebook message from somebody I went to college with Hey Amanda. You've worked in politics. You know this world I. Want to run for office because of trump president seems like anybody can do this. What do I do and I did? Not have an answer for him. I did not know what to tell him to go. He wanted to be more than just a volunteer and more than just voter. If he wanted to actually lead, there was nowhere that would be guaranteed to take this call. So I reached out to a whole bunch of people. One of whom became my co-founder that's incredible operative, Dross Morales for Cudjoe we wrote a plan we built a website and me launch run for something. As you said on inauguration day we thought we'd got maybe a hundred people who wanted to run for local office instead in the first week, we had a thousand as of today we're up. To more than fifty one, thousand young people across the country who've raised their hands just say I want to run for local office what next so we've built an organization that does best that we find more people who wanna run things like School Board City Council and state legislature and we help them through the process I think it's so cool and one of the things I love so much about run for something is that you proudly self identify as progressive and that you came from the Obama and DNC campaigns and I, think there is this kind of lake mistaken belief that you can't be progressive and be a traditional. Democrat. So what are your? Thoughts on that lay that out for US unpack that a little bit. How does it work for us? I think we define Progressive Democrat really broadly, we look for a set of shared values shared belief that everybody deserves access to affordable healthcare that everybody's sort of access to education that we need to fight for working families that we need to protect organized labor that we need to protect it and for the environment, and we can share those goals and disagree on the tactics that we need to accomplish them. But the only way we get to really implement those tactics or even have a starting place to decide a meme is to win elections. I. So, for us a Democrat or progressive in New York might look a little different than Democrat in Vienna right. But we gotta be willing to win everywhere to run everywhere on our set of shared values and we also know that for most people especially for local elections. Partisan identification is the way they make their voting decision they look at the ballot and they say, this one's a democrat. Cool. That's all I know about them. So for us, right really important to support people running under that party line knowing that that's the way the most voters make up their minds. It's so smart and it makes so much sense because every district of restate the. Issues are different and I think people forget that when we live in these big cities that when you look at some place, a state that isn't sort of a metropolitan city, you get such tunnel vision about what the issues are in the context of your life that you forget that it could be different in the context of someone else's life and especially because what we only work on local elections. So Library School Board, Water Board, University Board and Community College Boards and Yes State House and State Senate. The issues that you're focusing at these levels is often a little bit more but also a lot less partisan it how keeping water clean how are We getting trash picked up are we funding our roads and our schools? The tangible delivery of those issues makes it so that what it means to be a progressive on them are things like my favorite example here we work for the Coroner Candida in Jefferson County. Colorado which factor more than thirteen hundred counties they'll elect corners he was reading on a progressive platform. The thing that he wanted to ensure was that after death trans people were not being this gendered, which was something that the current coroner was doing, and that is a really important thing because the way that gender is recorded on death certificates affects crime statistics and homicide statistics and suicide statistics. All of which are really important especially as they relate to a community that is disproportionately represented in things like suicide homicide. So as you think about what is the progressive value look like an issue like a coroner's office? That's one of the ways in which you can show up and it was a really interesting way to see the way that our values can trade themselves into progressive policies and all kinds of offices

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