HBO's New Documentary Warns Of The Dangers Of Cyberwarfare


The perfect weapon now on HBO is a documentary about a danger. We've all heard a lot about, but don't really know new and frightening warning from the FBI on hackers using malicious software to launch a cyber attack against us. It's based on the best selling book by New York Times National Security correspondent David He, Sanger. About a new form of conflict that is global, inexpensive, invisible and supremely available to small groups, not just large powers. Jon Mateos, the director of the perfect weapon, and he joins us now from Brooklyn. Thank you so much for being with us. Thanks for having me, Scott. You know, I'm going to ask you plenty of questions about the dangers that cyber warfare poses to the US, But I have to ask you first. Did we fire the first shots across the bow? It appears as if we did Scott because when we attacked the Iranian nuclear program in 2007, the code that we put into the plant was released and everyone knew about it. Now there were plenty of covert kind of operations that go on, probably things we'll never know about. But that one was let out of the box. And because of that, it appears as if we fire the first shot, and we've been paying for it ever since. Let me ask you about a few attacks. We know about 2013 cyber attack. On Las Vegas that was done in response to something of casino owners. That's right. Well, he wasn't just any casino owner was Sheldon Adelson, a well connected casino that's correct on he had gone online. He was part of the symposium where he talked about actually setting off a nuclear weapon. Against Iran as a way to stop their nuclear program, and that video went onto YouTube. It went viral and the Iranians found out about it, and they planned, very powerful, destructive cyber attack of his sands casino operation to demonstrate something to him or to the United States. Oh, that's the thing about these sorts of attacks. You know, they're short of war attacks. They're not necessarily attacking our Our critical infrastructure all the time. But it sends a message. That destructive attack is easy for a country like Iran. It's it's an asymmetrical attack, and it made a very strong point. Once it was let out. I mean, the Sands Corporation did everything I could to hide the fact that they've lost $40 million in their technology, But it was let out and incentive, frightening message And, as David Sanger says in the film What happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas 2014 cyberattack essentially brought down a Seth Rogan James Franco film the interview, which in fact does raise serious questions about freedom of expression. On also of you know, a major film corporation Sony. Yeah, that was that was the one that really got so much notice because it became suddenly an international incident. And I have to say it's one of the big issues in the film that I think people will recognizes that that the US is uniquely vulnerable to these kinds of attacks because of our open this because of our First Amendment because of the public square. Our weapons against authoritarians regimes don't necessarily have the same effect happened. Dump attacks, like what happened at Sony are not as effective to countries like Iran and Russia.

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