Biden to begin receiving classified presidential daily briefings

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The white house has given formal approval for president elect joe biden to receive the president's daily brief. This follows a formal notice by the general services administration on monday night. The formal transition of government can't proceed receiving classified intelligence briefing is typically one of the first rights of a presidential candidate after winning the election. President-elect biden speaking with nbc's. Lester holt in his first interview since the election media. We've got outreach from From the security shop from to just across the board and they're already working out man my ability to get presidential daily rates. Were already working out meeting with the covert team in the white house. And how to not only distribute but get a from a vaccine being distributed to be pershing able to get vaccinated. So i think we're going to not be so far behind the curve as we thought we might be in the past and there's a lot of immediate discussion and And and i must say the outreach has been sincere. There's not been begrudging so far and i don't expect it to be so the yes it's already begun

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