Working With Your spouse: Noura Sakkijha, co-founder and CEO, Mejuri


Your co founder is your husband. You're not the first person on this show. Who's coders their spouse. But i really like. It's something that. I cannot fathom working with your partner so and i know what it is like to have a co founder but i also am very protective around like keeping keeping parts of my life separate. So what is that. Like to work with your husband. It's crazy for us. To be honest. I think a lot of people do it says together because it's so hard to start a business that i used to work sixteen seventeen hours a day and so if my partner wasn't in a similar lifestyle i don't know how things would have worked out to be honest with us. I think in that sense. It was really a positive. Obviously you know it gets stuff because we had to put rules around the separation exactly like you said going back home in going on a date. I don't necessarily wanna talk about strategy. We really had to set boundaries and and really be honest with each other like. I don't wanna talk about work now. Can we talk about something else and so try to figure out. How do we create the separation. But i think over time it just becomes part of your lifestyle like i. I just think of juries part of us and so we became a lot more comfortable especially as the company grew and we started to have our own vary obvious roles and responsibilities. And i think that is actually something that i would recommend for anyone. Who's working with their partners to make sure that you have clear roles and responsibilities. And who essentially is that decision maker on certain areas versus the other. How do you split up the responsibilities. So he's The presidency oh and he works on all the revenue generating areas of the business. And i have all of the other areas. We essentially put the strategy together. We worked closely together. But we have very different cassettes. I'm like i said i'm an engineer. He's more he's from finance background. I have knowledge in the jewelry. Industry saw work closely with creative with product culture in hr a ceo whereas magid is really focused with the marketing team at retail and international expansion. And so there's definitely a division that didn't happen overnight as the company grew. It was more obvious where we wanna put revenue generation. Where do we wanna put the structure of the company the culture and so that's how essentially things came boat. The good thing between us is that we have difference consents.

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