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Zach Taylor said when asked about his locker room and his coaching staff and their style of coaching that will lead off the eight o'clock hour on the furniture Fair and Bent River Sports Book Roundtable show 700 WLW. News, traffic and weather news radio 700. W L JEALOUSY. Cincinnati The first of several expected parties from Trump is biting calls for unity entering a Thanksgiving unlike any in the past, with the eight o'clock report on Sean Gallagher breaking now It's weak today. President Trump called it his quote, Great honor to part in his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Flynn pled guilty to misleading federal investigators but was able to delay sentencing for years before retracting his plea. Michael Flynn lasted just 22 days on the job. He was before he was fired for lying to vice president Pence about the phone call with the Russian ambassador. Later pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about that call. Flynn was the only White House official convicted in the case by special counsel Bob Mueller. For years, President Trump called it unfair and his attorney general has been trying to have the charges dropped. With

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