Episode 286: Family Thanksgiving feat. Johnny Wardell & Jamel Johnson - burst 14

Yeah, But Still


Brandon. Are you ready. I'm ready a san francisco bird feeder oboe. No that's a sex act absolutely. I mean dead giveaway. There's leader is not a dish bird. More focus went. San francisco would just eat seeds. Get say this is like pre this is like tech pre silicon valley sf. Okay keep going. Let's see let's get what is it. That is definitely a sex accurate direct. I knew what is the asu. Two fellows i don't you can look it up on your own currency. If you're on your works wi fi connection go ahead and look it up. And just use your main browser. Don't open up that incognito tab owning your you want to know what it is now let them let them find out at home. I feel like that should be shared with the group. The fine one if you want if you want to let them know let them know it's to suck your own or another person's come out of a person's ass then spit it in their mouth. Like a mother borough writing her yasser. Okay that's one of the ones that like. Nobody actually fucking does. Because it's like. How san francisco come into play here. You know. I don't know because it involves poppers but you do poppers and anytime i all right. Let's let's go on like this game though. Are this next one. So this is for you. Jack carrying a hanged a hang down from high. Oh oh boy. Oh boy hanged fry. Yep well this is harder because what's hang down right. I must say food you're right. It's a rich oyster in bacon. Omelet originates in san francisco. Oh so okay. There is a san francisco connection here. Wow that sounds very tasty absolutely well all right got anymore. Yeah just one more This is from brandon. And i guess i'd brandon what's a horseshoe

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