New York Gov. Cuomo reopens Covid field hospital in Staten Island as hospitalizations accelerate


Field hospital is being opened on hard head stabbed. 108 bed facility is housed in a building that's part of the state psychiatric hospital and will be staffed by Staten Island University Hospital next door. Dr Brahim are Dolich is executive director of the most common group You're going to see. Here are people who actually got better. But they're just not well enough to go home or they're not testing negative so they can't go back to nursing home, he says. Right now, there are 120 covert patients on the main campus, and many fall into that category. Thanks to improve treatments. The borough president Jimmy Otto, is concerned about a surge after the holidays and has this message for Staten Islanders. We were re grudge the restrictions We refuse to comply with the rules that fuels the virus and that results in further restrictions. It's the weird, self fulfilling prophecy that we have to break, so suck it up for two more months. Samantha Leap in 10 10 wins on Staten

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